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The eighth rated Cincinnati Bear Cats are on the roads Saturday Up against Indiana. Luke Fickell show tonight Live for the original Montgomery and at 805. On ESPN. 15 30 Monday night Football. David Carr's TD Pass in overtime sent the Raiders over the Ravens last night. 33 27 the actions on the Raiders network. Renfro is to his left and generally come. Can you come? Blitzes picked up Jones is open. Jack Pump Baby Vegas touchdown This time, no doubt put it in the W column, baby. This one's over. Bengals update Bangles on the road Sunday up against Andy Dalton into Chicago bears that Joe Burrow check out the Bears opener Sunday against the Rams on the Dan Patrick Show, Fox Sports 13 60. Yeah, I watched all of it. They obviously have some really good players on defense. The ramps played really well, they got some brands are loaded. Um and I have to going to have to bring some of that next week. I'm excited to go into Chicago. I think that'll be a fun road game. Um, no. They're talented on defense when I'm shocked and safety Jesse Bates met with the media yesterday. Talking contract. Yeah, I wish they would have got done. Obviously, um I mean, they got Sam done. I was hoping to be the next guy up. But like I said, it is what it is. I'm gonna play my part capitalist team. Um, Next year, we'll see what happens. Bill Dennison, 700 WLW Sports. This view was worth the hike right? And it's a good way to stay on top.

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