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Taxpayers lake county and here we go with ask remarking if you guys can you guys can try to uh masashi the story as much as you want liberal media the elected officials in lake county he knew he was getting a pedigree check and if he wasn't found guilty as it pertains to that story it's inevitable it's somehow he miracuously gets elected next year he will follow through with the rest of the endorsement for the mcdermott his head you don't believe only in a metre into correct your but i note uh once which in uh retirements relationship over the last couple of years was not uh what i would dangerous drew your homework no no agassi over the last couple of years on his aim for years i would point endorsed per sure a assault on a second date year predicting that oscar martinez is also gonna give the go to jail after martina's gungor prepackaged conviction were guilty of stealing eleven thousand dollars from the horse you casino idris in go through the formality because of our press bernard carter and their relationship there it is he gets this office it gets elected in which i think would be a miracle in the first place it is inevitable this guy will go down as well once the people with us bye bye ever today dave i don't think it possible for dave oh he's not be that i like day from come point he look hope beautiful it looks in that screen.

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