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When the time comes we will restore recover and rebuild together as america evacuations and not only for people has earned my powers toward florida i've dolphins have been moved from the florida keys to central florida ahead of arm as arrival arrival but the curators at line country safari in palm beach county he says his lions chimps rhinos and others are staying put he adds they live in a hurricane prone areas so their enclosures are built for that diesel the keita was led from his rainsoaked cage at the miami's due to a reinforced building nearby where he'll be sharing space with another cheat until eramet passes theme parks like seaworld orlando and busch gardens tampa bay say they have workers on site at all hours to care for the animals through the storm amy king kfi news brought to you by you to calm global or more than 20000 acre wildfires still burning through timber he in far northwestern california in these small town of helena the fire that's been burning for more than two weeks is forty percent contained a fire on its western edge of the sierra 50 percent contained now i ones burned more than twenty five thousand acres there are twenty large fires burning in california governor brown has declared a state of emergency in madeira mira poulsen to larry kelly's because of the wildfires couple of cities and so couch trying the pitch amazon on their perks the online retailer says it is going to be all the second headquarters copying the one in seattle la mayor garcetti says every big city in the country wants some sort of that uh i think you push hard for every single opportunity whether it's a lucas museum the olympics an opportunity like having amazon here irvine is working on a pitch of its own amazon second headquarters is expected to add about fifty thousand job cbs university of california system has sued to protect dako uc president janet napolitano says the system has many students that were brought into the us illegally as kids but are now protected under dako day uh really represent fear of the american during uh ed by it action the administration has dashed those dreams napolitano says the department of homeland security failed to provide a chance for people to weigh in on the recinding of dr traffic from your helpful socal honda traffic center crash in hawthorn on the 405 if you're on the 405 southbound side details the gun no.

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