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Okay. I don't play scrabble scrabble dictionary I know. What kind of like in life you're leading over there. I just I tend to play only with like the like an Oxford dictionary. Oh, no, because then you miss all the like little two letter words that are bullshitted dictionary. SCRABBLE dictionary. Okay, we have some rules to settle. The whole is going to be like I. Owe every. All, right, let's get into. Okay! Canadian Canadian media. Her. How did they wait this week? Nora I hear I just I. Can't I actually need you to fucking explain this to me because you're the one who went to fucking J. School? Okay and I I did not go to J school. Don't know how I've been writing so much for media stuff but I've I've zero desire to be journalist and every time I see you know what counts is journalism in this country I wonder why anyone would want to be journalists in Canada because it seems like the way that you have to fucking. I don't know. Walk around without your eyes. Open and with your ears. Closed I guess I don't know how else to say that or not being aware of what's going on is. An affront and embarrassment to journalism, and I know that that can't be the case for everybody who's writing somewhere in the editorial rooms, or in the editors, rooms or protection teams, people are I think changing stories or really controlling who what people are allowed to say, or what counts as news and I just you know. These are the assumptions I'm making because nothing else makes sense and I need you to explain this to me because you have the training. In. Somehow you didn't come out that way so what the fuck is going on, okay well, let's be clear I fucking drop down. We. What's your degree in home? I degrees. Degree is a bachelor of political science or politics or something. Whatever the version of politics is at Ryerson I I ended up getting that. Oh I didn't know that I totally would graduate it in. No, you've told me before that you dropped out. Had, a journalism I did five years in department, so I mean I fucking should have gone to a degree, and and partly one of the reasons why I dropped out was because It's not a degree at the time. I'm not sure if it's changed the you can't do part time. So. It's not a degree that you can do if you've got a fulltime job or if you've got kids or whatever and so, when I was working full time and trying to finish my journalism degree, they're like Oh. Yeah, but you can't do this part time like you have to be in class for eight hours a day, or whatever and I'm like Surrey, everybody is you gotTa Job? have to out another way to finish my degree because I'm not GONNA be able to finish my core two years that were left. Yeah, how is journalism suck I mean it's the the the entire media industry in Canada is an embarrassment, and it's an embarrassment for a whole bunch of reasons that have been laid bare in the last week in the last number of years, and I also think that it's important to remember that things have changed a lot as well like the way black lives matter is being covered now versus in two thousand sixteen is quite different. which is I mean only encouraging in that? It should be different, so I mean. It's totally groundhog day. But the same dinosaur, fucking white supremacist, maintaining managers have been in these positions of power for years and years and years and years, and so the result is that you've got immediate ecosystem as you know the. CDC is like for Sure Front Center of this, but it's not just the CBC. It's also the globe mail national post system. In global and CD, but they they exist to maintain white supremacy in Canada. And I don't think that people think about media in that way they see media as reflecting what's going on in your community telling your stories and this kind of thing, but baked into that is the the the intentional erasure of anything that that confronts whiteness or different than Whiteness, and so every story is told in opposition to Whiteness, and then they start to get in trouble which we've seen a lot of instances of that in the last couple of weeks. Yeah, I mean there are so many examples. That I'm sure we're going to miss them There's just too much to go through how the Canadian media has fucked up in the last couple of weeks. In this like forty five minutes show. But God like I mean we've got a rex murphy the REX Murphy Steph. We've got the Stockwell Day stuff we've got. We've got the Toronto Star seemingly positioning the fact that I guess they're just talking to white readers. The fact that white people can only be upset about either black lives or indigenous lives, and there's a limit. On that. And that we have to you, save some of our higher for indigenous lives. We can't expend it all on black lives. WHAT THE FUCK! And then every fucking interview. Every fucking ahead line that thought that the really big hard hitting questions to ask you this week were. To systemic racism existing. or or does reasons exist in Canada or any number of the ways to position that which I suppose is better than? In two, thousand, sixteen or two, thousand fourteen when it was like you know. Black lives matter sucks. Hated us, but but as nurses like it's different now, but only because people are like dragging them, kicking and screaming to be a little bit different and instead of being. Full on fuck this group. It's more like. Is what they're saying real. Do do black people are really know anything about their own experience. Let's ask the RCMP. Yeah, let's let's discuss amongst this panel of white folks and our one token black. Let's discuss. Or the RCMP is it racist? The fuck with every fucking cup every fucking cop that they talked to I. Mean I mean both What is that person's name at the RCMP, leaky, some lucky, lucky lucky, whatever lucky and Chris Lewis, who was on the TV multiple times, because he's the public safety expert for CPTV, and he's the former. Chief the Ontario provincial police chief. And both of them got asked about whether or not racism in their organizations, and both of them are like no, absolutely not I mean racism exists everywhere, so of course it's also in our organization, but not at all. Nope, it's like the answer that is always given, and it's like how the Fuck is.

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