Liam Neeson, Tom Hanks, Oprah discussed on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: Ears Edition


The you're listening to comedy central. Yes, sir. The unique mission. Blackford? What do I think of Liam Neeson's recent admission that he wished well, I think it's really difficult because in many ways, it feels like an onslaught, you know, I can understand for any black personnel. Should just be like the should never seems to end. Right. You think you get past the age of lynching? And then this little black face in two thousand nineteen. You know, you hear stories every day about black people who are persecuted just because of the color of their skin. Black lives matter exists as a hashtag. Because of that very reason. I do think though the Liam Neeson's story. Most of was would like most of it is treated the way it is. Because of how he told the story, and where he told the story, I think if Liam Neeson had told that story on Oprah. And there was like a conversation. We would have seen it as a person admitting to a time in their life when they allowed their anger and hatred to fester into a racism that they were shamed of then it would be like because then you'd have someone on the inside Oprah would be like why Liam? And he'd be look, I don't know opera. I don't know. It was so horrible. Oprah and she'll be like come here. Leonor? You know, what he's like it was so bad Oprah or so bad. But we never had that. So all it was was Liam Neeson's talking about a movie about revenge. The next thing in the middle of it. He goes, I know what it's like a friend of mine got raped asked to who did it. She said, she doesn't know she just knows was a black guy, and I went out into the streets hoping that some black Boston. And he put it in quotes. You know, any went some black. Boston would step out and start something with me. So that I could kill him and the headline overseas limb Niessen I walked the streets looking for a black person to kill which is what he said. But not technically what he was saying. Right. And I think also I'm going to be honest. I think a lot of people take the story a little bit more seriously because Liam Neeson because people seem as the taken guy if like Tom Hanks said the same thing I walked the streets for a week. We really don't Hanks. Tom hanks. A yeoman gonna kick your ass. Going Bubba Gump your as he like. I think part of it is that it's like people..

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