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Let's eavesdrop on the house gas from outside the Big Brother house with I'm Julie Chen moon Baz good night yeah all the data yeah she's amazing her adult I know it's just like so matic ropes era do not miss Ryan you know you know even if I was as good looking as her I couldn't do that show you know just they'd be no way face for radio I can't really think on my feet again I would love to see you do television show like that yeah now that be great right he wants to watch a piano follow my head it's it's I I had the way I would get a all right now or over everything I'm a you know camera it's so true and yet and yet you're the person who's pushed to get cameras even in this scenario it's weird well I well this is the LA different I know it is there for you honestly phone cameras don't bother me I'll do cart wheels on phone cameras I don't care I'm not nervous on those but a yeah real okay I don't know what it is it's like a ticket to the it's like being watched by a giant I or something I just go a little slower on watching the so it's very the eyesore on you know you don't want that looking at you right things are over I don't know I black out or lettings right yes the M. yeah being being a if I was if I was like really hot though.

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