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I mixed use a pantone guide and find out which recipe works for your paints and I mix up the colors with a little scale with bases. Just got a creamy base paint that you just color up. Right. With your pigments. So yeah, if you've got four or less colors to work with, there's no need to go into the mania of CMYK, recreation, but it is cool to know that like I just made a shirt for comedian Steph taleb that I think had 14 total colors in it, but I just used by sort of combining half tones right. Okay, did you use the printer or did you use did you somehow, you had that? You have the four colors on the arms, and then you pull those screens out, add four more colors. That was a screen print. So there were only four screens I managed to make 14 colors by placing the halftones right so that in some cases, but gentian yellow combined to make red and yellow and blue combined to make different greens. And a wide range of greens. So like, in that particular shirt, you can see stuff sort of zombie face that's all yellow, and she's got green on her face, but some of its highlights, some of its shadows. So the highlights are smaller blue dots to make green dots and then they're shadowy larger blue dots that may green dots. So they look like a darker green. Yeah. Yeah, it's cool to see it come together. And that one is the most I made stuff sight, Steph toilet dot com. You can see a couple pieces of that kind of comic booky style that's funny working. What comes from? I should say. Right. So it's on her website and you digressing here just a quick yes or no. Did you make her website? I did. So okay, so you also make websites. So when I was thinking about this whole T-shirt thing, I love t-shirts for me, but I also never figured out how to make t-shirts as merch, as a comedian. Merch is hard for comics. It's expensive, it's hard to get a return on in ways that people don't expect. So a big part of my business is helping sort of close that gap for comics now, helping comics who are at the right point to maybe have a website if they didn't or make their website a little bit cooler like I've stumbled around Squarespace enough to at least make one better if you didn't like yours. Right. And to get some t-shirts out. So there are lots of ways to do it, but it was part of a way to help the comics that you already are supporting and are working. Yeah, my thing with merchant t-shirts is that I would never I don't want to sell a shirt that I wouldn't be willing to wear, that I wouldn't be excited to wear. That's the thing about throwing up stuff like there's lots of I've bought shirts from threadless or society 6, but it is hard to control the quality that you're like fan gets. I don't think that's the same as like, man, you're a fan. You did something for an artist. Like it matters to me that when you open the bag, the shirts folded right so that the image is staring right at you that there's a little thank you note that you pull it out and you wear it. What good is it? If it's a guilden tea, I'm not coming for you, guilden, I have worn many of your products over the years, but if it's like not today that looks or feels good, it's gonna sit in a drawer. It's not, I don't know if it's a gilded soft, but there's a certain brand of guilden that actually hangs correct on me? Yes. And that I actually do like. There's a gilded cut that works for sure. The shirts that I use for my merch are bayside because they're made in America. And I use the bayside union made because they're the only union made that I've been able to find. And I think that's the coolest. I wish, man, when I can afford those blanks. Well, that's it. It's a cruel twist of horrible capitalism that is that's aspirational, and it shouldn't be. Right, because they're expensive. Each of these shirts and I don't make a lot of money on the shirts because I don't want to charge a $1 million for the shirts, especially at shows. It shows I want to charge 20 bucks. Online, I charge $35. And the shirts themselves costs almost 11 bucks each. And you can get shirts for $4 each. Wait, just the blanks cost 11 shirt up to $11, right? Or your printed shirts? No, the printed shirts are $11. Wow. We'll talk later. I usually only get a hundred at a crack. Okay, yeah. So I don't that's about closer. Okay, okay, okay. Yeah, 'cause if I could, if I had room to store them, because right now, I have in my garage. Oh, yeah. I have shelves of merch that needs to be moved. Yeah, I have a meat shield T-shirt that Jenny finded the art on and it's a charity shirt. It says in Latin, malice indirect Artemis and Peter act. It means getting in the way of bad behavior. And then it has a June cleaver image. And all of those shirts, all I take is the cost. And I don't include the cost of what I pay for packaging. I ended up in the shipping and it's all very expensive. And what I wanted to donate something back because we're living in a weird time. And so I have a lot of those shirts and I don't do that with the bit anymore. Right. It is I'm bringing them this week, I'm going to Chicago. This will air afterwards. But I'm trying to bring them on the road more because people buy shirts on the road. Yet, more than they do over the Internet. And then I have right in February of 2020, right before lockdown. It might have been in December. But it was right before lockdown. I got two new designs for what I thought was I was about to record a new album. One was the squish with whomever you wish shirt with the brawny paper towel guy at a Swiss miss lady in a gummy bear. All hugging. And the other one is a bunch of quotes from my dad. Jenny fine again aren't doing the art a drawing of my father. And those two shirts I have almost all of them still. So it's just hard to, but the bass I made, like I would, they're very thick. And so they last a long time. Some people like that. Sort of. American. What was the one that was here with the elbow squeezer dude in LA? Oh, American apparel. American apparel. American apparel is the yes. He's the next graced former everyone's favorite. Right now, Bella canvas is popular there made in LA. I wish that I liked their shirts better. I think there are too thin and they also have to slim a cut to be flattering. I mean, I sound like two or three X's as I do smalls and mediums. So I just feel like the shirts have got to fit..

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