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Of wisconsin hey mayor emanuel we'll stop by the steve cochran show tomorrow at eight forty five to talk about minimum wage going up to twelve bucks on july first so the mayor on the cochran show tomorrow it'll be good what about this eric i know you have some very strong feelings about this they may change there's people who want to change one of our street names in chicago and for pretty good reason but it gets confusing effort for many years to will you please there's been ever from three years to rename balbo drive elbowed rises like half mile stretch of pavement down there south loop and it seemed for italo balbo who came over here for the century of progress exhibition in nineteen thirty three but he was a leader of of in the air force for miscellany was with italy obviously and allied with hitler during which broke out of course about six years later than that so there's been a little bit for a long time like hey wait a minute the street honors a hero of our opponents in world war give it to them to begin with because he had a really cool flight over here he took a squadron of twenty four airplanes seaplanes and flew from italy to chicago and they had a big full disclosure wendy lives on mussolini terrorists and never complains about now people are gonna come back terrorists hang on firmer for house so periodically flares up and the italian american community is very defensive about this and i i have argued in the past that they ought to rename if they want to honor and italian american the columbus drive on his on his columbus was italian but in italian american.

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