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Is Carl Franklin, and this is Richard Campbell. And hey, buddy, guess what? I gave up today would did you give up today friend? I'll maybe not today maybe last week, but coughing caffeinated coffee really I have to drink decaf now. Okay. I found it was spiking my blood sugar. Interesting the caffeine could spike your blood sugar. So I don't know if it's just caffeine or if it's the amount of caffeine, or if it was her titular brand of coffee, but all I know is I stopped drinking caffeinated coffee and my blood sugar went down to normal. It was as you know, been type two diabetic for a while. But I don't have the symptoms of type two diabetes anymore. Right, right. I have this continuous glucose monitor that goes in your arm, and has a little device, and it takes a sample of your blood sugar every minute or so and then when you put the. Device in near it. It transfers all the data points to it. So that you can see it in a graph. Right. And I found that normally my blood sugar is well under a hundred eighties nineties, sometimes even seventies and milligrams per deciliter. And then all I fasted for a day. And then the next day. I drank coffee. That's all I did. I just drank some half decaf, maybe four or five cups by the middle of the day was one hundred and fifty eight. It's crazy. So I don't know if the caffeine was perhaps adding stress in that was spiking up. But all I know is that I switch to decaf and everything's fine. So I'm getting old, my friend. Yeah. It's interesting. Because of course, there's arguments that that black hoffy even pulls your blood sugar down to. Yeah. That's I've heard that argument to. Yeah. But you've got data for you. That's all a matter. It's all the matters. Right. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know fasting effects that fasting. If you're just fasting with water and salt your blood sugar should drop. Yes. Yeah. And it did. But then. Yeah. It's just one interesting thing whether fasting, but your body particular state where sugars reveal he's not like your sugars and coffee now. No it though, like what it wears those sugars coming from that your budget goes up, anyway, interesting stuff. Interesting stuff and data. All I've got is my dog turned fourteen. Do you have a party bear hunter man now? Well, I thought I would bring up that testing because we're talking test automation with aren't an Axelrod. But first, let's roll the crazy music for better. No framework. What do you got? This is a very cool project. That's called web gazer.

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