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A cap of 25% will learn Mohr today from Austin police about three men they arrested and charged in the murder of an ice cream vendor in North Austin. Atalay. Oh, Bernabe, your Ius was gunned down in broad daylight and left for dead in the parking lot. Witnesses say the three men shot and robbed the 68 year old man and then ran away. It's 8 33 k. LBJ. Here's Austin's on time Traffic with Melinda Branch. We have some slowed traffic conditions on 35 north about approaching a slaughter. Just asking and then again from old tour to about seven Street West 71 Westbound lanes are closed at near Hell Face Ranch Road due to an injury collision, and we have reports of a record Spicewood Springs and would hollow Dr. Reckon Liquid Spill Main A road at Northeast Drive Your next reports at 8 45 I'm Melinda Brant with Austin's on time traffic. Righty warm with Sun and some clouds High 97 For tonight. It will be clear to partly cloudy with a low tonight of 73 from the weather Center. I'm Kevin Slater. This way. Get Weather News with dynamite BURGER at Roy Rogers restaurants. It's a juicy burger with jalapeno bumpers. Bully ranks us pepper Jack cheese and bacon down boys and have a cowboy Can. Lord Ashe is available at participating restaurants don prior, less you here on the top of Don show. Jump in here at 51283605 90. So the Austin school board they're going to vote later this week on whether to push the start date of the new school year to next month. They're the Special board meeting coming up Thursday will decide if the Austin School board will start the New year on September the eighth Now..

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