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Her way out of this though because if you don't address this thing inside of you i no because i have the same exact thing is that i mean it's arkansas mallett i used to but i thought you had to spin two hundred dollars every time you want to sam's club about us federal off about that i don't even know what it did but i bought wine you know just because i do i figured i can out early much stupidity and that and that's arm recognize an assist won lean on your much on a pick on the okay how does not a nine minutes of turning his that's where i just north you guys i've got so much potential are so many good things you can do with your life when you make that kind of money but it's just going out the door and there's you you have this financial playing over the sense of this since of i'm outta control and i can't get in control and it's just all forwards no it's it's not a fun place to live is going to be hard on your relationship they probably brain it's where's supporting credit do it but it's a confidence back and forth in that like when dan lefevour you defender eight or the and clearly go one at the end now let on well here's what they get you guys need to go through financial fishing adversity okay with then that price okay we've now we know this steps to now we know everything it's like you said we doubt doing on do it down and that's right here and it's yet they get it are going on and left and fears yeah but we're not and the play feel like you need what what what do you think i think it's going to take because you're not dump people i mean you're intellectually able to grasp as alright so what does it what you think it's going to make no i mean there's got up i don't want you guys to have to like didn't financial trouble to wake you up i would rather just a shame over this wake you up yeah i think i think where they're not playing and and it's it's such a hard at the end began the but i love protocol so it's going down you can it you have another it and then sink on in it and i think you know.

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