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Market Update with Lauren Lap coz you know what started as a up and down day is now pretty much just down now is down. 143 points, NASDAQ Down 29 Points and S and P 500 Down 16 points. There's O'Ryan Samuelson with business scene or the agribusiness hee know about Steve Alexander and stole. That's right. That's right. That's right. How are you, sir? I'm well about you. I've been thinking about you, man. Oh, good. Good. Good thoughts. I hope good thoughts, I hope NFL football tonight, John. You may wonder what that has to do with agriculture. Good pig skin. I don't know. You tell me Exactly. Got it. Ding ding ding hog futures right now. Trading $3 higher. That's the max that Khun go! That's called the limit that $64 per 100. Therefore, the pigskin connection, although nowadays all the pro and collegiate teams use footballs that are made out of cow hide, but we still call it the pigskin. Also with the Merck Live cattle trading 35. Cents higher at 10505 Ft. Er Cavil or up a dollar 37 at 1 39 62 at the Chicago Board of Trade. Wheat is up a nickel corners up four cents and beans are still in the red down, though only about a half a penny right now. One of the most elite of the rich old boys clubs is breaking up. Citigroup CEO Michael Corvette is retiring early next year and succeeding him will be Jane Fraser. Making her the first female CEO of a major U. S bank. Crazy. It's taken this long right. She is currently in charge of retail banking at city. So if you have a city credit card, she's in charge of that product. Her promotion is that the end of a management overhaul that has been underway at the third largest U. S Bank. Because of lackluster performance. The Citigroup shares have climbed 42% during Corbett's tenure, which began in October of 12 2042% doesn't sound bad until you look at JPMorgan Chase shares, which have been during that same period of time up 141%. I've been a rocky road on Wall Street today, as Lauren mentioned heck, this week has been up and down Tech stocks getting hit the hardest. Apple, the world's most valuable company down 1% after being nearly 3% higher earlier in the day. And the rest of the fangs are mostly lower today to an outlier, though, is Tesla. Shares of the electorate. Vo Cope Electric vehicle Company. Ah Ra's Muchas were as much a 7% higher in earlier trading right now off about 5.1%. Some of that is because of a note to clients from Oppenheimer, which said Tesla would likely benefit from a Joe Biden prentiss presidency. Biden if elected, according to Oppenheimer, is expected to reinstate the Obama era fuel economy standards expand evey tax credits make evey charging stations easier to find. And also buy a lot of alternative fuel vehicles for government use in for the big Oh, that's your money on 7 20. W G. N Well, Chicago even have a.

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