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Geologically attached to euro. Well we'll see if the he reciprocates with that philosophy. What are some of the pitfalls matthew and any lingering questions so there will be many lingering questions the british parliament first of all is going to have to vote on this thing and that's supposed to happen on december thirtieth even if it does pass though the toxic politics around brexit are just not going to disappear. There were already expressions of disappointment today. In scotland for example the first minister nicholas sturgeon said that this is a bad deal for the fishing industry in scotland. She said that the uk government broke. Its promises here and that we're going to learn more about how that is going to play out in this deal. She said also menacingly for british politics. That scotland has the right to choose. Its own future as an independent country. Another quick example from ireland. This is a country that stood to lose a lot if there was a no deal. Brexit scenario ireland's part of the eu it also shares a land border with northern ireland. Which is part of the uk. The irish prime minister today. Micheal martin called this new trade deal the least bad version of brexit possible so damning with some faint praise there the was matthew bell. Thank you very much and america christmas. Same to you marco. Thanks the pandemic has messed up a lot of holiday traditions. All over the globe and yet there's a calendar and the season is upon us. So how are people everywhere. Still trying to get into the spirit of things three of our foreign correspondents or with us to talk about this lemon. Do in athens. Hey mike jorges. Valencia is in mexico city. Hey horry hello. Greetings and ariel sharon in tel aviv. Hi marco hi everybody so hey let me start with you. I see the local government in mexico. City implemented its highest level of restrictions this week for the pandemic. What is the government telling people. And what do we know about the infection rate yet marco so this is going to undoubtedly be a a muted holiday season here in mexico and really just to summarize what the government here and the largest metro area that the country has home to more than twenty million people. The government is telling people stay home. Don't go out if you don't have to And and in fact. The government has been hinting at this all month. The the pilgrimage to the virgin of guadalupe pilgrimage in the middle of december that tens of thousands of people from a bunch of countries in latin america go to that was canceled. They allowed to get even close to that church and the police hadn't certain neighborhoods all month. Been going around playing a recording telling people to stay in their. No that is select colonia decrease stable thing cast i said solo mrs sarah to tomasco police saying Stay home if you have any type of symptoms called this number now. Mexico is a very big country. It's almost half the size of the united states. So there are going to vary depending on where you are but here. In mexico city. The infection rate has roared back up this month and the government sends out text messages regularly to people even giving them the percentage of the occupancy rate of of hospitals and message that i got yesterday was saying we are at capacity. Please stay home. Well i real- you're in tel aviv. Just down the road from the site. Christians recognize on christmas bethlehem most israeli citizens of celebrate hanukkah. Which last week. What was hannukah like this year walmart. Go like every jewish holiday this year. Hanukkah was a little different having said that unlike what jorges just described. Many businesses year have remained open during the holiday except for restaurants bars in gyms so israel as we're able to get their holiday shopping done and with a number of cases in israel rising like mexico. Officials are talking about another nationwide lockdown. Perhaps in the coming weeks you know. Hannukah's usually celebrated through large events and festivals for the entire family. Obviously that wasn't the case this year. But i did join one of the few candlelight ings i was able to find. It was organized by the hubbard movement outside of a mall in give time a suburb of tel aviv. Babo.

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