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The slammed underground auto owners dot dot has the answer right bears ottoman metals along who i wanna see right dovey mitchell's the most excited person the dunk konta larry nance obviously we would now with the cavs which is audio odds that he wears i mean the the rumor was he's going to capture z anywhere for his dad and do the twoball dunk thing said of the see that yeah you look all now you're not iowa all these are all these are also had our retro is great not rhetoric excited genesis dunk oregon cited to just retro a practices grace us of video you warmed up like that but do not do that as a dark i will watch saturday with no expectations but i think like everybody else it's you know you'll get that occasional year out of every three four years real like wow that was an amazing slam dunk zaken erin year was phenomenal near yes they're worth aaron was the coyote we are both looking forward to and that will get three boycott petition of things can be fun yeah that you know they they have they have some good people in the threepoint competition that you can sit there and say okay this is a good group damage was i wanna see on the in this land on cotton was at only i adds only i rule he and that is by junior to ease ago players walk any prediction who wins and slam dunk ongoing dr mitchell milan we're about 3point clay momma need play abroad devin booker beal in it to yes bradley bills and into i'll go clay yeah claes just like a stone cold killer quiet doesn't say thing dan is allied sella paul why maybe home joyal selling you don't way you dose of the no ordinary according to his added care seattle no this is all now he may play somewhere else but is this whole busy jane at our we go to any of the parties this week uh so ben lines an event going on a day yeah go to that and then most like that will be invited to anything else.

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