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I didn't get to complete it but I'm looking over Detroit news post on this up Lansing Lansing gin up today people actually made it into the capitol building not something in Michigan I don't know if this is unique to our state but you can take weapons into the capitol building should remain the same product so what you can do that they're people inside of a couple going right now service consistence and there this is not a good idea of them quit so that but listen this piece in the article again this is not a trade news after April fifteenth protest that would be the the drive and or people in their cars drive by Wimmer said she respected protesters right to free speech my question those who mingle outside but but you should have said I I I respect the protesters right to free speech as long as they do to their house and and so nobody can hurt outside keep doors closed and masked their faces up what's your question those who mingle outside their cars name or social distancing requirements we know that this demonstration is going to come at a cost to people's health she said the temp I would argue it's coming at a cost to the health of our western civilization our American Republic big time also Thursday the house authorize speaker Lee Chatfield to file a suit against Whitmer snap for use of emergency powers and the Senate was scheduled to vote on a similar measure and on that note let's bring up our I would argue the gold standard for being a senator in the state of Michigan Patrick okay Patrick Colbeck welcome to show doing one heck of a big happy dance right now my friend I didn't I didn't know our Michigan health better then the Michigan Senate bill waiting to see if they're going to take action because the matter the Michigan out rejected her extension of emergency power then that means that eleven fifty nine PM tonight earth already under emergency power active null and void not a whole lot yeah it doesn't extend it cold on Donna hold on hold on I gotta slow down because I I got I gotta make sure I understand this and the people listening understand as one of just go through this little bit of time here op so the hot because the house rejected it or whatever they did that means that one of those deals where something has to come out of the house to be passed before it can be a loss Lasher except without that will set the path revolution expander Merton our where to continue to have that authority so she's learning where she has you know sort yeah she gets her authority to make the edict that you've been making that are under these executive orders offensively under the emergency powers act that you start with making forty five but it's actually nineteen seventy six that apply that your particular because it's an emergency declaration that good night that's it under that category people are gonna be taken off the court about mind you there can be a lot of debate over this but finally people are reading the constitution and the rule of law well hang on a second I understand that we can all that but here's the deal okay the house said sorry we're not going along with the boom that that's it she has no more power and a lot of eleven fifty nine fifty nine what wait wait but tonight at at well tomorrow let's say the bay first do all the doors swing their doors back open source when their doors back open again don't you mess combined it or are they going to go along with her and have the police still out there busting people while this is being challenged in court you know she'll challenge it in court yeah not everybody can do it voluntarily nope we operated like god South Dakota governor Christie how long you put out a bunch of guidelines that they listen folks I don't have the constitutional authority to come up and say that but here's what I'd like you to go up in there and they went up and did it and they work great while Gretchen however check the markets radical approach and made it a misdemeanor and actually she gets protest and that all right all but don't know goes away tonight given what the house is done legal trouble people can still abide by this and I'm not and don't you somebody in a report wait wait we're gonna get all the maternity leave rain on your parade or just hang on a second okay so who would stand in the way of what the house but the house did do do we have a supreme court in Michigan that would will go along with Chad field in the in the house right now and say look it's over well I I don't really care what they say right now people have a voice here as well that's what it is what what now will go to court and just be a little bit disingenuous and I don't care what the court said but you know what it's about time that the people actually stood up and said we're in charge what the constitution says we know that you've been infringing upon our our our what would a little sheriff say that's what's really important because it regardless of what the governor says all the houses of their giving people tickets and busted it because again what the governor it's all just a we got at least for sure said I know I'm going to do this kind of garbage enforcer unconstitutional order so we'll get some information out to the local establishments all the businesses that we were doing here but who gets the last word out that says Hey that that's it I mean you guys are use your own judgment now you're all free again you're free Merican all of the commerce Michigan go back a hundred percent who gets that work out a lot yes again often push a bunch of different narrative already got some folks up on my Facebook page that are going up in pain it doesn't mean that we're not we're opening on may fifth and that they're taking the party line of some of the legal counsel you will get a lot of big government tax on land thing yeah bottom line is if you actually take the time to read the nineteen forty five that you and the nineteen seventy six that you which I have also read the constitution this is a no brainer we are authorized to open up and ignore her executive orders back yeah anything that done under the contact of emergency powers act anything keep declaring that like the last one would expect it or if we unite that if not no longer by if she does it your domain and in the statute she doesn't have that authority so okay that was one of my next question so let me may fifteenth was and she said that's it then we're gonna go open again she was looking for more power beyond that but you're saying as of what happened today there is no may fifteenth it's all over as of tomorrow such a nice fellow que no nos no stores can choose it with being a storm free dorm they wanted they could say no we're not talking we're still having lines only getting fifty people time blah blah blah I got to wear a mask so who who's who's held back from opening up now who is left behind as of this latest iteration of always long guys can go back out or whatever refers who was left behind the car open now well first of all keep in mind this is all gonna be on the court so whatever you do right now is technically going to be a date by which are certain amount of risk right are you gonna go where what Gretchen says you're going to go with what the house has been going on with what folks like me say and I'm not a lawyer but I read the bill all right so I am I ate you know comes out everybody's talents for risk management but I'm sitting here telling yeah that that we are ready to roll again the state now if governor Webber wants to make the case for why she should encourage certain behaviors on the part of our citizens make that in case you haven't made right now she is a bunch of aspersions against everybody else and trying to treat us as our mark a trip to this your mother well governor Anil I didn't South Dakota set the bar very high on how to go up and handle this emergency and and and governor with merchants are taking notes from her a will you stay we stay I wanna talk after the.

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