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All right. He was feeling lethargic and Esso, their captain is down and out. They lost Corey Crawford goaltending mice who was there for years and years. Alex the lander, a young up and comer. He's out with injury and Chicago's in trouble. They're They're not making the playoffs if you want to place a sure bet on them, and that Had on them not to make the playoffs. But, um You know, they got a couple of good players course practice. Kane is still really effective Hockey player. They got some young guys and they might surprise for a little while, but I think when it comes down to it, I think Chicago's going toe Chicago's in a Deliver rebuild. To me the Blackhawks. You know what? I don't feel bad for them. They want three cops in 10 13 15. And you know what? You gotta look at. You look at their back end to Cannes, and they still you know. Seabrook, Keith. I mean, these guys, They're pretty during long in the tooth. So, um, you know, like to say they got they got some young guys like the bring Cash. Bring cats, You know, he had a good rookie season last year was a bit of Ah, Drop back there, but you look at their roster and there's not a lot of things to get excited about. Have better off coming over, help out a little bit on that defense, But you're right. It's gonna be more than like Malcolm Subin and Collin de Leah. Yeah, we will. You know, we saw Superman over here in Vegas for a while to and and I just thought, you know, maybe if he gets the playing time, you know somewhere else, that he will emerge but doesn't seem to be that way, at least as of yet on the depth chart listed behind Delia Yeah, He's not. He's not a starting goalie. I mean, he's been with any gel for awhile now as back to the backup goaltender in the NHL there. They're they're in trouble there. And you know what? And I think Can management knows that because when Crawford you know, they knew working to re sign Crawford. They didn't go out and get anybody. There was a big goalie market this year. I mean, they couldn't even take a flyer on somebody like Devon do Dick. But he's I mean he's discharged at him. They traded late round draft pick for him. Home and they could have done that. But I tell you what, there. Yeah, there's don't get too excited about them. All right. So Carolina then they've got Mrazek a Sephora's between the pipes there. What about this Hurricanes team Because they finally got over the hump. As far as in the postseason, took out. The Rangers worked out for the Rangers because they got that number one pick and love from here. But what about Carolina? The Hurricanes? Yeah. You know, I like the Hurricanes. I think this is a team that you know. You talked about players that take on the identity of their coach and rod rhythm, or, you know when that guy played I mean, Rod Brind'Amour was the guy who would run through a brick wall. If you told him to if he felt that it would help the team win, and he was all about team first. And you know, I don't know if you recall the Brenda Moore got traded. Um, from Philadelphia. For Keith Primo and Primo. Kinda, I think initiated that trade and and, uh, you know, at the time, Philadelphia was a good hockey team. And they went a couple of deep playoff runs and Rod the bod bring a mortgage traded and doesn't complain whatsoever and I ends up winning a cup. Which to me was sweet justice. Um, because that was a big trade at the time. And but Rod Brenda more, of course. I think he's a great coach. He's a player's first coach, and the players love playing for him. And I think this is the only thing to me eyes, you know, is more Isaka, the goalie that's going to get them there. And I just don't know that he is going to be that guy. Uh, to get them there, so, but they do have enough talent. I think they've got a real solid line up. I really like their blue line. Can you know guys? Um, uh, you know, was slapping back there and Dougie Hamilton. S so I think the Carolines you know, I almost want to say speaking good, but it's hard. Not if you're a hockey fan. You know, this hockey team is good. There's just a smaller market. Of course, right, so Maybe you could call him stinky good, But I think the Kanes especially playing in that division, not having to play in the metropolitan or in sorry in the East is what's going to be the I think they're gonna have a real good season. I think they're nucleus is young and still getting better so Why show for the Hurricanes? All right. Dallas Stars, of course, announce standing franchise year in year out a team that was right in the thick of things last year and Bam Bishop Khudobin, you know, Couple goalie. So it's nice when you have a little bit of depth in between the pipes because you know you're going to need it sometime during the season. Most of the time and Jamie Benn. I mean, he's just a stud. Talk to me real quick. We'll just tell, you know, kind of take 40 seconds a minute on each team or we won't get them all in. Yeah, you know, Look, this is a team. You know. He also got like Joe Pavelski back there. Belski, what? Eight goals during the regular season, but come playoffs..

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