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To push back a little on that idea. I don't see a team by someone at his age this early in his contract I think there's a better chance that you know he gets you know somehow moved to Mika. Kevin love package or something and points just like if you're not happy in Sacramento Doc. I can't imagine Cleveland's GonNa make you much much more thrilled right while I mean he is thirty though he's thirty years old and I mean I it depends how disgruntled he is you. You know at some point it becomes. Okay I guess for franchise you don't WanNa reward that behavior showed you're just gonNa roll over and buy out but if the guy's causing problems and it may just be in addition by subtraction and say okay fine we know you don't WanNa be here. We don't want us to get ugly so we'll move on from you and a buyout. But yeah I mean we'll see I'm sure their preference thoroughbreds is obviously the trade him and get something back in return or salvage the relationship and keep him as a you know frontcourt piece for them because again he has been playing well when they've put him in there through injuries so so we'll see what happens with that. He's one of the. He's probably the smallest name on this list. Just to be honest a lot of the guys they come after him are are much bigger the next sky. He's someone that I think. Could help. Every team Marcus Morris He is obviously with New York Knicks. Right now there was the whole drama of the off season with his signing the spurs thought. They were GonNa lay into him and then he goes to the Knicks now. The Knicks obviously entered the season thinking they could potentially be a playoff team because of their off-season they added a lot on that. How hot stolen ruined not so great? So right now I think you have a lot of teams right now a lot of executives circling vultures. And looking you know who they can pry away and Marcus. Wars is one of those guys because he's a two way player because he he's having a very good year I mean he's playing really well He just dropped thirty eight points recently. The on the Los Angeles Clippers. He shooting the ball extremely well. If you're in our team you're definitely trying to check in on Marcus Morris as availability and see and. He was great in Boston too. I mean he's the guy that can help most contending teams He's thirty years old. He someone that can help you right now. The Knicks don't have plans to move him at the moment according to Yahoo Sports. But I think if you're the knicks you know you have to say that to Kinda help his value and create some leverage. I think everyone knows before the deadline. Marcus Morris likely gets moved in there may even be another nicotine that gets moved. If you're talking about Bobby Portis Wayne Ellington. They have a number of veterans. They're even even your Julius randle had there was some talk about him being frustrated with the organization. Recently the Knicks are going to be one of those teams that looks at every single option. And they're obviously folks than the future they are one of those teams that wants to have that cap flexibility and focus on the future. So it's very possible. We could see a Marcus Morris Trade. I think think he's probably one of the names to watch for a deadline. Just because there's going to be so many potential suitors and a trade does seem likely one of the more interested in rankles with Morris. Boris to is that he really I mean by no none of his own fault. But change the dynamic of the Spurs because that was another team that was looking at the clippers. Spurs has ended up with the Knicks through some strange circumstances but because of their interest in him they basically had to move WSB Erhtan one of the most incredible double seasons in the NBA this year. And I say that without hyperbole I mean if you look at some of the numbers that towns have when he's been healthy this year You know he's putting up some of the most ridiculous three point the numbers we've seen from someone his size in the NBA. It saved me becoming durant. I mean not obviously is not Who He is is a player but You know that kind of shooting for team like the spurs that don't really have much Three point shooting considering they're more mid range team although Aldridge has been shooting three pointers more lately. And that's been really good for him and for Spurs overall You know if you look at what that would have been You know the information that Morris could have been or the implement that bretons could have been over Trey lyles else I think it's it's notable. Yeah no for sure. That was so interesting to watch over the off season. He played out because yeah they traded taunts thinking we need cap room to sign Morris and then to be left without either guy. That was just a horrible spot to be put in so trey lyles is one of the guys that was still out there and free agency and they kinda signed him as a as a backup. Backup plan so it's unfortunate to see that how that all played out. I'm sure I know there were a lot of executives that were frustrated with how that played out and they didn't want that to set a precedent president It's it's definitely it was definitely something that affected the spurs big time and I felt bad for them at a time. Still feel bad for them especially looking at how Brittan just playing now but yeah. I think Moore's is one of those guys. He's also WANNA contract. That's not too bad. It's not a long term contract so I do think you're gonNA see a lot teams calling about Morris about his availability and the Knicks may be saying that right now but I do think we'll see a trade at some point port a deadline. The next player is Kyle Kuzma from the Los Angeles Lakers. Now I heard a great rant Zach Zach Lowe had about how everyone's talking about coups like he's a star. There was talk about Lakers star. Kyle coups could get traded and you know there was talk about how there's way too much who's talk compared to players at his level among other teams. I think that's just because he's a Laker. When he's kind of an audiologist audiologist? You when you're a Laker you're going to be under the microscope. You're going to pop up in these trade rumors. It just happens because the Lakers are great for a headline they had the biggest fan base in the NBA. So I think Some of this again. This list is generated by people that surface the most in trade rumors. Part of that could be you. You know him just being a Laker and they're being a lot of attention kind of put on that and I do think that coors was in a tough spot because he seems like he gets a lot of the blame when this team loses and when he plays well he doesn't seem to get a whole lot of credit for it so that's always swat to be in. I think he's kind of the someone that he's kind of the punching bag there in la the season. He's the Mario Chalmers of this Lakers team. It feels like and you know. He's obviously still very young. They need him to play rate plus play well right now because there are team trying to win a championship and with Lebron James and ad there obviously no longer in a situation where they're developing guys and can be patient so they're hoping you can play. Well now he's averaging twelve points a career low forty two point five percent shooting. He's been struggling a bit. But I think when you talk about moving Kuzma it sounds great but I don't know what exactly are going to get back for him again. His values probably all time low right now because he's been struggling When you when you talk about a possible Kaku Madrid? What are some things that pop into your head Brian? Did you think of any potential destinations. Or do you think makes censor- should they just hold onto and see if they can keep working with him and development the kind of player they need him to be a man. I WANNA push back a little bit on his value being on an all time low two because and if you look at his last two games I mean thirty six points in his last game without Lebron and a d. and you know they won by fifteen and a game in which You you know there are playing against the thunder who've been playing really really well lately. I mean the thunder one of the hottest team since December He had five seven rebounds to Matt Matt. That definitely goes a long way. You know I mean I think that shooting four for six from three point range really really helps him as well You know you before before that against Dallas. You know in a big win over Luca that he had twenty six points You know L. six for six from three point. Three point line from the free throw line us. Serve six rebounds well I mean I think that he struggled a little bit to find his foot in went on the core with Lebron James but if you look at you know what his numbers hours of look like you know without Lebron I think you see a much more accurate version of what crews my actually has been the season or can be rather moving forward Especially only for a bench. That's fairly thin. I mean when you look at that but I sat in terms of You know on and off without Lebron mean. He's played three hundred and twenty one minutes about Lebron so far or this year and during those minutes. You know he's got twenty point. Three points per thirty six Two point four three pointers thirty six. Six point seven rebounds per thirty six You know these are numbers that that definitely mean something and I think when you look at The playoffs and you need to have like a eight or nine man rotation and you can have cruise learned white it Howard on the court at the same time with the second unit. I think that you're GONNA you're gonNA need that And if his value is low Than you know why not. Just keep the young guys. You're not paying very much yet who've been developing for years and it's been a fan favorite who he's been a bit of a punching bag but he's been stepping up recently as well. I mean obviously. There have been some duds as well. The game against the Trey Hillman. Four points You know the Game Against Dallas on the twenty nine hundred and score and all I in twenty six minutes. I'll over seven from the fields but at the same time like you know I it somebody who I think has some some real boomer bust potential and I think you know thirty. It's like some twenty six in the last two games Really really adds to to them keeping him around. Because I think they're right now he might offer more than anything that they can get. I mean you look at the teams games that like him during the draft. You know it seemed like San Antonio probably comes to mind I know they are really high on him. And the Lakers Kinda held him off trade talks and.

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