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X Y FM ninety six point one HD two Oklahoma City. Arrests in the death of a teenager Calvin right in the news center. Authorities confirming to people are in custody. The shooting death of a sixteen year old and MacLeod at happened. Friday at home caylin Thomas shot in her head taken to OU medical center where she later died. The suspects names has not been released a man's in custody after nine one one call led officers to a body and midwest city authorities say thirty two year old Justin Arbogast found dead inside a home diehard apparent gunshot wounds. Detectives developed leads arrested Twenty-seven-year-old Cameron Halloway over the weekend. Calloway facing a complaint of first degree murder and possession for firearm after us forty eight to forty five loss to Texas on Saturday hotter. Sooners fans were calling for some change. Here's more now from Sharon Kerry longtime Sooners defensive coordinator, Mike stoops's been fired. Several reports indicate stoops had offered to resign right after the game. But head coach Lincoln Riley. Declined to accept the offer. But yesterday both men sat inside the office of OU president Jim Gallagher glee and the decision was made to make the change. Now this morning, we learned that Lincoln Riley has announced stoops's replacement. He will be replaced by assistant coach Ruffin McNeill through the end of the season. Heavy rains in southern Oklahoma. Costa washout on railroad tracks through the are buckle mountains used by Amtrak heartland flyer? Oh, you fans returning from the big game in Dallas poll on Sunday. They were stuck in Ardmore for few hours waiting for buses passenger, Harry Wilson.

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