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Forty five thousand dollars less for income payments when you can have up to six percent guaranteed for ten years with the guaranteed lifetime income account let me repeat this just in case you missed a single twenty percent loss at any time during the ten year period means that you lose forty five thousand dollars on a one hundred thousand dollar investment you invested one hundred thousand dollars and instead of having almost one hundred and eighty thousand dollars you have less than a hundred and thirty five thousand dollars after ten years what financial planner or private investors good enough at investing to avoid all major market corrections over ten year period now what about fees imagine if you were saving for income lost forty five thousand dollars just because of the twenty percent market loss and then had fees reducing your income account value in addition to the losses if what I'm saying makes sense call me and I'll give you a complimentary copy of our sake money book when we meet I don't work with everyone so if I can help you I apologize but my calendar is typically booked at least two weeks out I specialize in working with those approaching or in retirement if you're not at least age fifty I probably won't be able to help you I also require at least one hundred thousand dollars in retirement savings but typically work with the count values between three hundred thousand dollars and five million dollars once again my number is eight four four three zero six seven two three three that's eight four four three zero six S. A. F. E. good just isn't good enough when it comes to investing in risk based investments we all know how look works in risky situations eventually the luck runs out at the very least it becomes an issue timing which eventually becomes a victim of random chance if you want to control your risk based investments you have to control everything it's not good enough to just be a good investor you must control politics corruption global instability the weather computer glitches computer attacks every bad thing.

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