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Reaction to one specific lot of mode. Erin a covert vaccine six serious reactions in San Diego last week and what the state immediately did Woz Just a single out that lot. There were 287 providers that got 330,000 doses from this moderna lot. And they want to make sure that those are all put on a shelf somewhere. Keep him but put him on a shelf somewhere until they could make sure that it was not the vaccine that caused those serious reactions in San Diego last week when the health care providers there were getting some shots. L A X is now offering Cove in 19 tests results in his little as 30 minutes, so you don't have to be Tom Hanks. The airport has an on site laboratory, and they're also adding some rapid auntie gin tests as well. The Nasal swab tests, with results available in 3 to 5 hours for tests collected at the lab across from Terminal six. And results in less than 24 hours for samples collected at Terminal two and Tom Bradley. What for? So you're supposed to show up early. Take a test and then, uh, show That you already have the antigens before you get on an airplane. I'm not sure what the requirement. I'm not sure what the requirement is. Just an interesting place to put it. I would have figured that you would want those types of that type of information before you left for the new nasal swab vantage in tests. Cost $80 and have results available in just 30 to 60 minutes. Perfect. Yeah. Okay, well, that's not the three of five hours and I was thinking of we mentioned that the vaccine sites that have opened for L. A county today are expected to each provide thousands of vaccines. 34 5000 vaccines, The one at Disneyland actually had to shut down today. National Weather Service was talking about damaging.

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