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Of game they wanna play they want to run the football and play good defense here cell pailin tonio espn nfl reporter talking about that saints defense well you gotta remember about the saints defence last year they finished next to last in the league in points allowed and this year into week tune they were in the top 10 in points allowed and i asked aaron glenn secondary coach what is driving this turnaround and he said it's the two rookies in the secondary marshon lattimore and marcus williams the way they compete in practice he said is the way are competing in the games and that is protecting the back end so they go give up the big plays when i saw from the saints defence against the bills in this game a lot of situational defense that in allow the bills to run the ball when they had to and they didn't allow the bills to get any kind of push up field this was a saints defense that played a complete game and they're going to be a forced to be record with throughout the rest of the year more impressive to you say's defense since rushing attack saints defense the saints the have you ever since drew brees has been with the saints they've they've relied on drew brees to get the job done through the air the thrown at fifty one time through the you know 50 times and above so for them to have that styled especially the defensive back feel they've over the years they've had some strong rushing with will smith and different guys throughout the year but.

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