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Loaded out. Hope it. Applaud you. Cut a bread, right? On man Mike guy. He never heard anybody. Oh, expires, it up a little Mike guy BS for all the you all too young. That was Memorial Day. Nineteen seventy eight when the giants were inexplicably off to an incredible star, and that's back in the days when they used to play baseball on memorial. We done away with it now. We don't want that on the off day and the giants they traded for vita blue in the off season. And they were having an incredible Vermont a few. Kings of the world. They had won it every year in nineteen seventy eight the giants said not on our much now with Mike Ivy, and they face Mike ivie was pinch hit a grand slam Don Sutton. It was the Chevy chevette inning kid somebody wanna Chevy chevette chevette. And at that point in time nineteen seventy eight on may twenty eight the giants were twenty eight and fifteen and that comeback win six to five in front of ready for this fifty six fifty six thousand one hundred three big candlestick crowd. They can make some noise out there man. It was actually the Sunday Memorial Day place filled up for a baseball game copes it we I mean, you could seriously kick up some volume in that place hurt. We'll get trapped in there. They were down three to one in Sutton was the king. And it was like, and then the, the basis were juice. And Joel to belly said, hey, Ivy grab a bag of, let's hear as a gay,.

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