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I'm sure you are high rated recruit coming out. What led you to the university of Notre Dame? Yeah. That's a great question for me. You know, when I was looking around, obviously, I wanted to play at a school that was that was great, you know, just on the football field, and you know, wasn't. So I kinda got a little bit older. So I was kind of a junior that I that. I realized that you know, I wanted something more than just being, you know, great football player. And for me is just Notre Dame was the best place in the country for football. And academe IX, you know, it's the top. I've been the school in the country, and you know, majoring marketing, so you know, it was very important to me that I chose the school that you know, was just as good athletically, academically. Of course, obviously coming in. You know, Notre Dame such procedures program as far as football goes. But also as you mentioned academe that had been a great drawl to you coming out of high school. Did you have any other competing offers to where something leads you to maybe Notre Dame outside of just the academics. Maybe coach or someone you talk to maybe a friend going there was there something outside of just the prestigious the athletics and academe IX drew to Notre Dame. It was close to home. It was you know, actually closer than you of. I then which is kinda crazy to think about but. Yeah, I think it was the closest division one school to me. So, you know, my families made it's a lot of the games of never too far away from home. I can always drive back. If I want to an hour and a half away, so known for me this made sense, you know, just, you know, academically, and of course, of course, of course. Yeah. That doesn't get on a sense being able to stay close to home to see your family and stuff while you're out, you know, obviously playing football at a high level and get your education. That's awesome coming in two thousand fifteen you had some other really top receivers on. Notre Dame's team will fuller equanimity Saint Brown guys who were in the NFL. Now having tons of success. What was that competition light coming in knowing that you were going to have to really work hard day in and day out to order to in order to have a friendly competition with those guys, but at the end of the day, you know, hopefully, come out on top of that competition. Yeah. You know, I think you said, you know, I think it was really just, you know, competitive all of us it was friendly. But at the same time, it's a would drove us ought to be great. You know, obviously will was the first one, but, you know, Washington's work ethic, washing them run routes. You know, Dan, day out never missing a practice with something that we all kind of envy, you know, you know, he's having injuries. Now, you know, hopefully, it gets better. So, but you know, will he was always, you know, very hard working guy sturdy, and we always knew that, you know, we can go to when the game on the line, then when he came he was exact same way we came in class. We will remain the first two years. So I mean, we're very close. You know, we still talk, you know, at least once twice a week. But no, I mean, you know, competing with those guys at something that you don't get a chance to do it every school, you know, whether or not you're behind them or starting over, but it's great in. And I think that's one of the reasons why I'm in this. And I am to that. Kinda wanted to offer that a little bit staying kind of on a similar subject..

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