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What hundred pounds needs. Can you tell me what is in kilograms. No me think. I'll give it a lot. It's about the weight of a ten year. old child. Go right significant. Sounds like it could be about thirty kilograms. It's possible yeah. When i was a kid we learned half of the metric system in half of the english system and so i never learned either one of them very well so i know kilograms. I know it's in in hundreds. And i think thirty is probably close so as long as you ask me in stones because that one i don't know at all but this has been fantastic and dr elena is going to be back monthly with other really great tidbits of information all of bet more than it. There's a big chunk. And i really appreciate you kinda gave me a list and we will be back again together next month. Yeah thank you. I hope this conversation cleared up some of the mysteries. You've probably had about why someone goes from seemingly fine to completely not fine almost overnight. I was curious about this because of personal experiences. And when dr mucci suggested that we have a chat about it i was excited to learn more. Definitely check out her instagram page. She has healthy aging tips every friday. One of my goals with this podcast in addition to giving you caregiver advised for caring for your loved. One is also to give you advice and things to do so that you can age well and hopefully avoid many of the problems that you're living through with your loved one do both of us a favor and share this show with anybody you know that wants to age well and there's always i'll be in your ears again next tuesday. I've got your attention. Let me tell you about the modules in the eight week online course from caregiver. Chronicles it starts out with. What is a caregiver then. Educating yourself on the diagnosis caring for a loved one and observing your loved ones religious beliefs. How to live a healthy lifestyle as a caregiver navigating the medical professionals understanding medication super important legal matters also important. The decision maker insurance community resources durable medical equipment when a caregiver is needed finding a caregiver placement in the skilled nursing facility or memory care. Residents family dynamics challenges and conflicts learning how to navigate. That is probably worth the entire fee. Then there's home health hospice than planning for your loved ones transition. Be sure to check out. Their weekly live asked. Dr yvette anything. The link for that is also in the show notes..

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