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Has a plan to feed these kids, but they need your help. Donate now at no kid, hungry dot org to help feed America's children during this crisis in the months to come. That's no kid. Hungry Dot Org, thanks. We're GONNA tackle as we said in you chosen of family matters today. We're going to do the best we can. Maybe maybe some things kind of come back to you a little bit as we talk about it. As, but before we go there, we do. WanNa make mention and I'M GONNA be nagging here. When the time comes to bring you back on this show, because the world is waiting for the Punky Brewster Rico, it's coming back any word on what's going on with the show and win. Letter Day Comet has really messed up. Once lives, you know we. We thought that we were going to go back to work in April. That didn't happen. Then we gotta calling, said June. It's June in Soleil and I haven't heard anything. So we're just kind of waiting like everybody else, but trust me I. Don't think anybody's is excited. Yes, Soleil and I are to get back to work and to give you guys this this reboot. And I think people are excited to I believe. At least some of the video material that AH peacock streaming service put out. They did show a little bit of a clip. Of, some of those highly pitted shows yours of course, and would be among them along with the new saved by the Bell Reboot, and some of the other things they're doing, so it's just a matter of time because people are going to. You know as soon as it's possible to create. This show and get it up and running again. I'm sure that you're going to be back in the saddle so I know that they will, but universal has to open back up and then I'm sure there was somebody. Renting our sound stage, so they have to fulfill that contract before they can bring us in and start a new one, says a lot of technical business stuff. I'm sure. Well you keep hounding them. We'll keep hounding you. The crap out of each other and eventually we're. GonNa. Happen I just I'm not sure. Well we're looking forward to it and. We'll talk about of the and again. You know all the different ways we can follow you the. Transworld all your social media and everything I'm sure you personally are going to keep everyone updated on any information about that that you hear. But onto family matters because whether. You know whether it's something that you necessarily hold artistically near and dear to your heart. It was definitely a big part of TV history as you said nine seasons, I believe it was. Around finding African. American shows in history, so it's definitely near my heart. It's a great accomplishment. Love, the people that I worked with I have more memories of than. Than I do actually shooting this show. Where like the memories you know while we were there, but not necessarily of the shows itself. What was it like the atmosphere because? We talk a lot about the the aspect of. Performing live in front of a studio audience, and some shows the they do part of their their stuff in front of people. Some there's. Obviously. We've talked about some single camera comedies here like the nine, but. Some have stayed much more true to that. Let's put it all out in front of the people and treated almost a play. Where did family matters all that? We put it all out in front of the people and treated it very much like a play. We loved that it was the it was the rush that we got the energy that we got from the audience. It was very. It was very energetic studio audience the energy that came from there, and that was a big part of the show I. Think and you kind of forget about that with some of the similar shows from that era when they did allow that organic, not hand. Laughter and just the energy to come through We've talked before about show like their children on this show, which was really driven very much by. The WHO at hollering and you know, that was kind of half the show and to its benefit family matters. Also you know going back and watching this episode. Just that big energy from you know some of the big lions and surrounding. The urkel character and you know I. Whether a fan or not, you cannot deny the fact that family betters. Fans love the characters on that show and they bought it to. Everybody was great. Appreciate it. We think of the fans you guys like we call you as friends because we all kind grew up together, but you guys noticed you'll better than we do. I mean it's It's a show that's still out there. Still syndicated still able to be seen I think it's streaming on Hulu these days, so it's very much a show that leaves on not just for fans from Baghdad, but for new generations of fans. On and on and on going. It just continues to really build Steve I think I definitely agree with that. You know even during this quarantine. There's so much the news and there's so much going on on social media. Families are trying to Kinda shelter. Their children so I, noticed that it's being you know a whole new generation is coming in and starting to watch us, which is amazing. It's it's. It's really great because. We both have kids of different ages. I've got kids who are five nine, so they were of the age of. Watching a lot of present day, sitcoms that are geared towards younger kids and they're written down to that clearly, you can set watch and realize that they're. They're just kind of. I don't know dumbed down is the right word, but were written to be very simple and very very childlike. But it's great to see a show like family matters that is absolutely suitable and entertaining to two kids of all ages, but we can deal with it to. It's not just discovered it. Yeah, yeah, within like the past few months. Did you? Did you actively? Kind of hold back on that know she just didn't care. You know like We tried to show punky brewster fatter some time ago. I don't seeing Mommy's not the trolls. You know Mommy's not a care bear, so she just didn't. She didn't care. She was not watched a full episode. Episode of Family Matters Show Watch bits. She thinks herbals funny. Okay, well. That's the hook, but. She'll be like Oh look at Mommy and looking Sean. And.

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