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We know that. You could get some rain. So flash flood watch for much of the area. Not the south coast and not the Cape. You guys are off the hook. This is through late Tuesday night. So early this morning some rain from tropical storm Florence low sixty seven later today into the evening, periods of rain from Florence heavy at times. Some of the rain may be heavy enough to cause flooding the high will be seventy five then down sixty two in the night, Wednesday, sixty five and less, humid. Nice and cool. Thursday, partly cloudy, sixty seven. Looks like he's got a nice week coming up it's in the mid to low seventies in Natick. No it and hang up. Hello. Hang him. Now, it's Dolly in Quincy. Dahlie gravelly. Well, we're we're gonna miss you. While you go on you'll be fine. And. Who called earlier tonight saying how much company all of you are all the different nighttime host. We've had been a lot of company, you know. And it really means a lot to to all of us. Thank you sounds like an exciting trip. I dunno. I actually haven't misgivings. I haven't gone with somebody. And oh, you are. I'm not used to that. And I, you know, I don't know how he's going to go. It might work out. Good. Maybe. Male or female female, but but approved travel partner. Oh that'll work. Go to your mommy spent where did you say, you're only spending one hour in Iceland airport. Yeah. It's a studio near is that the main gets the only country will be visiting Finland and Estonia and beside each other and are they near Russia at all. Yes. They're both on the border of Russia. You were talking about Saint Petersburg. Take a train to Saint Petersburg. If you wanna get hassled by the Russians, but somebody called and said, it was a bummer. I heard that. I heard that Bradley. So I guess you're better off not going there. You know? And but anyway, I hope it turns out nice for you. Hope you have good weather. Thank you. It's gonna be. It's gonna be cold. Oh, it's gonna be cold over there. When you go colder. Yeah. What time does your plane leave tomorrow? Finding now at least in the evening evening. I'm so used to you. A programmatic five and hopping on a plane fix. So guess what? The temperature is right now in Helsinki Finland. Well, let's see it's cold can be low. No, it's still summer. It's fifty. Oh, that's not too bad. Yeah. I suppose if you know, if it was somebody, you wouldn't have to pack as many clothes. Gets the weather was warmer there. No, this'll be perfect. Oh, oh, that's good. Well, you don't have a lot to tell us when you get back. Yeah. And that that'll be nice photos. Yeah. You know, we've really improved Quincy or they spent millions and really looks beautiful. This brand new statue of John Adams in the in the sidewalk shows all compliment accomplishments. And we used to have a nice statue of Abigail Adams with young John Quincy. And I don't know where that went. So I hope it should around somewhere. 'cause I had one tree that was that. I would see on my way to Quincy center station. It was a beautiful pine tree. We what kind of pine trees is. That has like the grouping. Pine needles. I don't know they seem to group. Well, this was a big tree. It's been there for a long time. Look kelsey. And I I prayed I says, oh, don't let them chop it down. It's gone. It's gone. And but they left three big trees. I guess I guess they wanted to have more grass than what the reason. What's that beautiful? Pine creek had to go, and of course, years ago. There was a poem Bradley went something like what would mean spare that tree makes me think I hate when they cut trees down. Yeah. I do too. And you wonder, you know, maybe there was some reason. But it look healthy. Nothing but Quincy centers, really something. That's a fountain like a line fountain. It's all one straight line with the water going up and different walkways and benches. It was a missed while. They were getting ready to do it in a while. They were working on it and Quincy center station one side of it. The back side of the station in his all, well, what a mess what a missile crumble down and all kinds of machines. And it's gonna be something some day, the new Quincy station and the new Wallison station. It's really going be something you'll have to come out and visit us, absolutely. We'll Bradley you have a wonderful trip will miss you. And we'll be glad when you get back. Okay. Thank you. Dolly. Okay. Hey, if any of you have Facebook, I'll be doing a lot of Facebook live ING if at hotspots they have lots and lots of hot spots over there. I don't do a phone plan. I just do the I communicate by way of Facebook message, which is I just keep the phone on. Airplane mode, and then. I turn on why fi looking at the weather. Looks like it's going to be rain. It's going to be. In the sixties and sunny for the first part, then in the fifties and rainy for the next part? But I don't care. I truly don't care. But it's good to know that kind of thing because I can take a rain. Well, I will be of course, taking a rain thing. A rain thing a rain garments. Cool six one seven two five four ten thirty. I'm curious as packing. I only have one rock and roll shirt as you might guess David Bowie t shirt. As thinking about taking it then I thought, nah, it'll.

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