GMA, Mr Saputo, President Trump discussed on ABC Perspective


Ambulance bill even though it was out of network but they say they were told they still own eleven thousand dollars the sopranos insurer anthem told GMA the cost for his transport were paid in accordance with his benefits plan after GMA investigates contacted the air ambulance company I'm actually out of there balance now disapproves debt now raced err methods telling GMA after that call we engaged in the appeals process to receive the full payment because Mr Saputo was extremely cooperative we were able to provide him a zero balance nearly eighty percent of Americans want legislation to protect patients from surprise medical bills the president also calling for regulation they should be given a clear and honest built up front representatives Frank pallone junior and great Walden are co sponsors of one of the bipartisan bills before Congress that would regulate the practice ads criticizing some of the legislation began running earlier this year here more than half of all air ambulance rides are out of network so we asked specifically about the supporters case why doesn't your legislation cover this when you deal with the ambulance it involves so many different factors the ambulance might be private it might be local governments it was very difficult but an early it's not working that's true but it is a different animal so we're taking out what we can hear now since this investigation first aired Pologne junior and Walden revise their bills to include air ambulances and reached a deal with the Senate health committee supported by the White House but surprise medical bill regulation was not included in the government funding deal that was passed stand alone legislation is tough to pass we can all negotiate those bills don't just pay it don't just write a check column up challenge the bill find out if your state has laws protecting you from surprise medical bills because a lot of states do coming up from the dominant hardwood back in the lives of two.

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