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Long 17 million at 250,000 doses a week. This is going to take us 15 16 17 weeks, Cuomo says The state has been administering 80,000 shots a day but has the capacity to vaccinate 100,000 Day if the federal government can increase the state's weekly supply. David Folk. Thomas W. O R News, a California resident who was vaccinated against Kobe 19 died just hours later, and authorities are trying to find out why. Placer County Sheriff's Office announcing the death and the investigation Saturday in a Facebook post, but gave few details. Police say the county, which is in the greater Sacramento area, was recently notified of the person's death. Person who tested positive for Corona virus and December and have been vaccinated just hours before dying on January. 21st, Texas man who stormed the capital is now charged with threatening to assassinate Alexandria or Casio Cortez, as well as a Capitol police officer. Federal agents arrested Garret Miller this week on charges of trespassing and making death threats. Court documents say Miller allegedly tweeted assassinate AOC. He also posted that the officer who fatally shot a trump supporter deserves to die. Frustrated parents and students gathered on Saturday and Marlborough, New Jersey, demanding their schools We opened for in person learning this mother of a first grader was told her daughter is a full year behind academically. She should be in.

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