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The week it is twelve ten here at news ninety six point five wdbo scott anez with you on this monday well the debate over immigration heats up over the separation of those undocumented families we always want to explain the story that we're talking about let's go live to our washington bureau reported dory shammar standing by now and dori it seems like the the politics are in full bloom here the dams are all over the president for the kids being separated from their parents at at the mexican border and and the president say hey this isn't my fault this is your fault so kind of re between the lines here what are we talking about well it's not even as simple as that it's really the capitol hill versus the trump administration more and more republicans now also speaking out against this policy of the trump administration separating children from the border i want to explain how we got here back in april the trump administration decided to take a tougher stance on enforcing immigration laws that meant that they will go after anyone trying to cross the border illegally what that means is that if an adult gets detained at the border they're taken to one detention center to go through the judicial process where children are obviously taken two different facilities those images though now sparking outrage by democrats more and more republicans that this policy is is what former first lady laura bush described as immoral unamerican so the political battle really heating up here in washington as senators get back today the trump administration saying look it's necessary this zero tolerance policy is necessary to discourage people from trafficking drugs and committing some of those more heinous crimes there at the border right.

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