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In the letter case the letters KKK were found scribbled on a desk at a Rockville middle school last week and now a Montgomery county leader is speaking out Racism antisemitism or harassment of any kind can not be tolerated in our school system And Gabe albertos president of Montgomery county council calls the anti semitic images found penciled on a desk at tilden middle school last Thursday and related issues heartbreaking No one especially children should be subjected to anything that makes them feel unsafe At last word police have not i-d-ed any suspects Matt small of a utopian news And we've reached out to Montgomery county police for more information The coast guard may soon have the first woman in uniform to lead a military branch federal news networks Scott marioni has more President Joe Biden taps admiral Linda fagan as the next command of the coast guard fagan currently serves as the vice commandant She spent the last 36 years in the coast guard serving on all 7 continents and on the services ice breaker the polar star If confirmed fagan will take over the leadership position in late May she'll succeed admiral Karl Schultz who's been the top coast guard officer since 2018 Scott mascioni federal news network Money news at 25 and 55 JetBlue Airways has offered to buy spirit airlines for about $3.6 billion that offer could break up a plan for spirit to merge with rival budget carrier frontier airlines Spirit says it's border evaluate the JetBlue bid and decide what's best for its shareholders JetBlue's offer is about 40% higher than what frontier offered to pay Times have been tough for car sales and no one's feeling it more than an online used car retailer carvana The company is posting some disappointing numbers Car sales remain slow for a carvana the market analysts are saying the car vending machine company may be growing too quickly Thus far carvana sales are down over 9 and a half percent and overall its stock value is struck nearly 48% year to date Carvana operates their popular car vending machines in Gaithersburg and Richmond That is WTO Steve dresner Up ahead on WTO the U.S. plans to ban all new investment in Russia as part of new sanctions against Russia It's 8 56 That's the sound of a crack in the ceiling found at a home inspection But with a real tour by your side a newfound leak might only cause minor worries With their expertise a realtor can suggest a credit at closing and even connect you to a contractor to help you shore up that leak and alleviate your worries When it comes to cracks in your plans the expertise of a real tour can make all the difference The difference between an agent and a realtor is real Realtors.

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