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Morning for one team that used to play in New Jersey and another team that does play in New Jersey. In Teaneck you know, about fairly Dickinson they were down thirteen to the prairie dogs of Texas wide. Now, they're going back to the meadow muffins and the sagebrush ship taxes after blowing a thirteen point lead by congrats to fairly Dickinson winning their first while they're only play in game. And now they're going to be taking on good luck with Gonzaga as the number sixteen seed in that game will be in Salt Lake City on on. I believe is it Friday or Thursday that fairly you know, here. I am with everything else. They gotta do any of that. I think it's Friday my right about that. No. Of course, not it's Thursday. So how come you didn't call and tell? Me already. I we had a Michael fliegelman had to go and find out for me. And he did it in about four seconds. And he had other things to do. And nobody calls to help Michael out or me so there, but nonetheless, it is going to be Thursday in Salt Lake City against Gonzaga, the number one versus the number sixteen and then of course, with the nets who franchise record comeback up twenty eight points in down twenty five at the end of three D ngelo Russell a career high forty four twenty seven in the fourth quarter Hollis Jefferson after a sacra tomato turnover with five and a half seconds to go on the one Twenty-one one Twenty-one possession. It was Hollis Jefferson driving to the basket banking it in the layup at the buzzer four the comeback franchise setting comeback of twenty eight points. Now, let's go to Chris in. Long Island Chris here on the fan. What's going on? Hi griz. It was a historic when like you said. With them since their inception. Remember when they were in the APA with Dr J and Bill repulsively. I followed them as a young, man. And this is one of the biggest wins I've ever witnessed. And I'm very proud of them. They broke the jinx can I hope this propel Shantha bigger and into the playoffs. Well, and they needed the win. Of course, they only have nine more games to go. And thanks a lot for your call right now. They are just a half a game away from the number six seed, Detroit, and they're one and a half up on number eight seed, and that is of course, the heat. Greg is calling from Manhattan, and Greg you're on the fan in New York City. What is happening? Houses schmooze night. Every everything is okay. How about with you? I'm doing good. I had a whole a plethora of information for you. Okay. I love information. So first of all we know that the Rangers are just for that. Oh, yeah. I wish you hadn't brought that up. Now, it might be hard for me to get to sleep. Yeah. Well, it happens. I told them I wanted to go into the, you know, the March madness. Well, well, I'll tell you talking about the Rangers as maddening better. You talk about the March March madness. So let's talk about there's so many teams. Well, that's what it's all about where where are you from? What is that? I'm talking to a communist. There's so many teams toward you don't know from prairie AM or whatever the prairie the prairie dogs. I was calling them know what is it? What is it that you need to know? Because you know, you're talking to a college basketball expert. I know you that's what I wanted to be here. That's all I ever talk about his college hoops proceed. Well, I wanna I wanna go into. Well, we know what yours are outright. They're done. Rutgers. You're talking. I'm Greg looking for some levity at one forty nine in the morning and finding that he's entertaining only himself. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You know, what do I to look forward to right now? I'm a Mets fan. No, stop that. Because first of all, we'll we'll let you go to sleep on that. And no, whoa. Whoa. What happened there? I'm afraid that anybody at this hour calling about the New York Mets may may have to end up on the I L himself as a caller. He we accidentally were sorry about clipping you off we like to be a little bit smoother the man, and we might have injured the caller by clipping him like that and by tripping him. And now he may have to go on the callers, other WFAN caller I L list, and as a metropolitan fan more likely than any other fan of every other team, rob is calling from Lennox, rob. Reno. How are you, sir? Well, it almost all this Anthony. Oh, no, no, no. This is rob. Because you said Steve Reno, and of course, Anthony in new Rochelle always. So what's going to say to you? First of all I wanted to say that Thursday is my fifty four th birthday. It's amazing. Steve. You say it's your birthday. It's my birthday on Thursday. And and and I started talking to you when I was twenty two years old. So it's pretty amazing what a long strange trip rather. So thank you for all the thirty one years. Thank you for for being a caller for that. My pleasure wherever it's been wherever wherever I've lived. Anyway, I got a mention nobody deserves four hundred thirty million dollars a year. Steven Kerr who was the best player in baseball. It's just nonsense. This is why we pay ten dollars for a hot dog we live in a capitalist society. That's just ridiculous day. Well, here's the thing. No, no. I mean, more we're talking about entertainment. We're talking about a multibillion dollar business and point. And here's the thing. Yes. Of course. It's unreal. And Surrey Obote, but rather go to him and said of the owners, so. The money. The money is there. The money from towel vision alone before they sell the tickets before they sell hot dog. And again, I would rather bag Alon trade guy and take a little something in a Brown. Paper bag. Wait. The Rangers got mentioned something div. I'm telling you. I do not have a lot of in. Jeff, Gordon Glen say there. Let's look at it. Well, let me because the time because of time let me just ask you this somebody eventually we haven't got a lot of time. I'll take Anthony from new Rochelle oil Anthony drop, Anthony dropped, okay? Either way. Anthony, Anthony drop a rob drop. Okay. Small way. Are we not? And he has the audience knows it. That's right. Where smooth and professional and don't you ever forget sophisticated and mature? But here's what I don't. Even remember what I was talking about already. I think. Well, I think we were talking about with this is I remembered the Rangers I was and I wish I didn't remember somebody will have to explain to me and with we're not gonna have the time why they got rid of all their good players all of them. Because now they're on Tampa Bay and who has the best record in the game. Tampa Bay the lightning. So somebody has to explain to me, and and we know that they wondered rebuild and re to and with the with the front office. They went about writing to all the season ticket holders. We all know about the letter that they were going to be shopping and getting rid of some of their more popular players. Some of their more productive players who have turned the Tampa Bay team into the best team in hockey. So somebody has to explain to me why did the Rangers do that? I mean. Couldn't be all salary cap. Could be all money. Why did the Rangers get rid of every one of their better players to make Tampa Bay better and the best and the king was the problem was with the Icelander fan on the other side of the glass, Michael fliegelman, and he's happy that things have turned out the way they have for the strangers of Broadway because his eyes Sanders are his eyesight Anders did win tonight. So he would rather certainly bring up the king or anything negative story with the Rangers because they fell out of a tie with Washington the devils. How good are they remember those listening right now dwindling as we speak? I'm sure among the audience, but for those listening right now, the devils are a hockey team. And they are called the New Jersey Devils, even though most people in new. Jersey could care less than you know, who you are. I think there are more people in certain parts of Pennsylvania that route more for the devils and people in New Jersey, but nonetheless, we know that the Rangers losing is still a bigger story than the is Sanders wedding. And I think even Michael fliegelman would admit to that. But we're not going to give them the chance to admit to that. Because we know what he was going to say something kind of sarcastic and something kind of mean and something kind of nasty, and that's how Michael is Michael. You know, I'm describing you the very right way. Don't you? I know I'll just say the islanders did not play tonight. That's what it looks like was watching that game. Listen, he can't win the ball. So the but the bottom line. All right. So JJ is coming up in a couple of minutes. And we wanna thank you for listening and calling and by the way.

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