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It is a friday. It's great to talk to ben frederickson or the saint. Louis post dispatch and Happy new year. Everybody in happy to my buddy. Ben frederickson ben. What's going on happy new year to you buddy. Happy twenty twenty one dan. thanks man. i'm doing well and glad to be in twenty twenty one and hopefully you know now too. Great start for the whole thing. The hopefully we get their here Here soon but glad to be done with twenty twenty glad to be back Got to be back with you on this on this edition man. It's been fun. I'm glad you're keeping me around for another year. Who says keeping your round for another year. He could point. I actually yeah. i'm gonna miss. Hey i'm keeping you around for another year by the way i should tell everybody. Starting this sunday on fox channel two scoops is going to be moving to a tv show as well so fox channel two has been kind enough to We were in negotiations to do is show. It started a long time ago and it's now finally come to fruition. We had the pandemic you know that kinda hit and then we had a crazy summer. Crazy fall things got pushed back but it's all being worked out now so starting on sunday night. Ten thirty fox channel to following the news Our first scoops with danny mac. Show my guess will be burning for dirk. Oh chris pronger burning miklos as we all know his writing for the website so That'll be the show and will focus all blues this sunday at ten thirty so really excited about that. And hopefully everybody can tune in that's a gratuitous plug. But we always have been fred. Friday's and ben has been with us essentially from day number one and yes you will be with us all year long you can. You can take that to the bank literally angling for an appearance on the tv. Show back beckham mizzou days. I got into the journalism. School thinking do broadcast. And then i realized it wasn't very good at it and i have a knows that gets a big nose to begin with. It actually gets bigger when it's on. Tv it's crazy thing. They say the camera ed's ten pounds. It's actually like doubles the size of my nose which is already large to begin with and additionally add ten pounds so it's it's a lot well having to go back to the newspaper out but i'll make an appearance just for you while you are gonna make an appearance in week number two and you went to the newspaper out because you realize that was where the money was and booming business. It was a smart move on your part wise..

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