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24 73 65 Listen, live on air on a light. Or in the W T o P F 7 28 traffic and weather on the eights Married upon those in the wtlv traffic Center. All right, thank you, John, thanks to our listeners who always keep us up to date on things and they're selling you. This is definitely a geographical storm. If you will, and Matt will tell you all about it is moving from the west to the East. It's coating roadways farther west in the Shenandoah Valley like 81. Only a single lane getting buying some locations. 3 40. I 70 years seeing heavier snow and you're seeing more code of roadways closer to home. Not so much what pavement listener was on the freeway 6 95 heading the Southeast freeway westbound around the curve. After the 11th Street Bridge of Mia said there was a crash solo spin out, blocked the rightly and asked if it's snowing. She said. No, it's what So she also saw hail on New York Avenue. So it depends on where you are. We do know. In Capitol Heights. There was fire activity. It's a structure fire along Benning Road Watch for response just north of 7 25 more liberal pike. He should be on senior Clovis Avenue and possible direction. There again 95 in Maryland from the capital Beltway through the Baltimore Beltway running without incident, But we've had a lot of colors about the large flakes that are coming through. In Virginia. Interstate travel Doing well least incident wise, 66 coda from front Royal and moving East very rapidly, be prepared extra time caution, stopping distance and be sure to have your lights on. Same 3 95 95 note incidents currently has from the 14th Street Bridge from running into Fredericksburg. EZ Pass Express would point North bound on an early Sunday morning, but not a lot of vehicles on the main road. So yeah, there you go. You may not want to pay for that. But It is available to you. We do know that on Bueller Road north of 1 23 between 1 23 and John Marshall, Dr Rain, sleet or snow. There's still the delivering produce two vehicles at the nervous Central farm market there the Church of the Holy Comforter, so watch for vehicle traffic stopped and direction as you go through Married to pump the W T.

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