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Rebecca, Missouri. Next report at eight fifty one on ten ten wins wins news time, eight forty to the golden statuettes are being handed out the pinnacle of Hollywood awards the Academy Awards here with a live report. And an update Jason Nathanson. And Jason what's the latest tonight? Well, Regina king coming back stage right now talking to us after she just won for best. Supporting actress for if Beale street could talk that was the first award given out on the night. She gave a tearful speech. She called the wind surreal saying, I'm an example of what looks like when love and support is poured into someone thanking her mom and ending with God is good all the time. And we have a couple of stork wins Ruth Carter winning costume designed for Black Panther. That's the first time an African American person. Has ever won that award and just now also Black Panther winning for best production design Beechler, the first African American nominate in that category. And she also won and they kicked off the show with a performance by Queen yet Tina Fey, and Maya Rudolph and Amy Poehler doing some jokes. Letting everyone know they're not the house, but they did do a couple of jokes including Tina Fey telling everyone everyone look under your seats. You all get a cheese sandwich from the fire festival. Live backstage at the Oscars. Jason Nathanson, ABC news. And thank you for that report. And continuing live Oscar coverage tonight here on ten ten wins and ten ten wins dot com wins news time, eight forty three. A woman has been killed in a hit and run in queens. Police say it happened in regal park shortly after four this afternoon at the intersection of queens boulevard and sixty third drive. The driver arrested a short time later, stay with ten ten ten ten months for more on this story of writing time on Long Island Suffolk County. Kasey a Saint James man arrested charged with allegedly shooting at a drone firing shots in the air in a residential area. The drone shot down as being used to search for a missing dog cops say Gerard Chastain was in his yard just before five PM yesterday when he shot the drone out of the sky Lynn valley, owner of the drone, which is part of missing angels lost dog search and rescue on Long Island spoke with ten ten wins. We only Jones beach is from wooded areas train tracks so don't go onto the tracks a little safer fly high up above the train tracks because many people in the rest of you walk. Tracks. And we try to tell them not to walk. The dog has not been found the suspect charge criminal mischief and prohibited. Use of a weapon Fidelis they're not pressing charges but want him to pay for the drone shop down wins. News time, eight forty four. According to a.

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