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You look at Bobby Heenan. Jim Cornet and Paul Heyman. Those guys were able to generate heat. They knew what to do outside the ring. And on the microphone to get people to look at you and generate that you could find that and Larry Dallas once said you find one person in the audience your work on them and then you build it out. You're working with been against the audience and another thing was stand up comedian. You Look at a Gym Norton. Don rickles Patrice O'Neal Jim Jeffrey Bill Burr. You're you're order in certain situations during on audible fits by people to get your point across and you're trying to get the specific narrative so you look at other great speakers. You look at a personal like Henry. Round who commands an Audi- you're grabbing the audience by the throat. And you're making them do what you want them to do. You're making the listen. Listen you're making them react or making them moat. You're making the Buddha. He'll and she'll fear the baby face or you're leading them down path to get them to where they wanna go the Promos the story you've got to go it's a it's all based on rhythm beat and reaction and sometimes I go a little too long to address the booker but when you have an the audience in the palm of your hand but you know they're going along on the ride with you you can take it a little further and you can explain things in a certain way and it's all about the peaks and valleys. It's the same anything the match in my opinion because you're taking the audience on a ride. You're going from point. A. Point B. and there's a L- their side their side road. You have to take torch you have to take the caring the Offman down and getting that reaction and you're you're making my hair stand because you sound like a student of of stand up comedy which I am. I mean I've been A. Oh my God. I've been a fan of standard for such a long time I've one of my comedic Idols is on George Carlin Harland and you know when you look at guys that you just mentioned like the Patrice O'Neal Bill Burr Even guys Shapiro. Oh who's able to take an audience. As soon as they get on stage and just hold in their hand you could see how it ties into. How managers are important in wrestling as well because they have to do the same thing you know like a cornet or a classy flooding a Freddie blassie in you you gotta be able as soon as you you come on that stage will go in that ring you have to grab that audience in your hand because if not then there's no point of view being there? There's no the reason why you should be out there when you when you go into these these These arenas these when you go to different promotions and such What are key points that that you looking into when you're when you're ready to size up an audience or or an or a poll opponent for your set taxing or you said single what's key points you looking for while you're you're looking at what's the what's the story? So let's use like how to gory where I work for a few years as an example you know we know the audience. I knew the audience after a while because I worked there consistently I would be there and bring side as a manager ringside commentary or at my merchandise table and when you're at the merchandise table you can see the whole then you could see every single person that's walking into the building and you can do somewhat of a character site where you can do people watching you can see what they like aching certain whatever t shirts wearing whatever they're talking about or how they interact with you at the table and then on top of that after awhile audience just becomes another part order of the Shell. They're there to react. They're there to make the noise there there to be the people were playing out to them. They're just a it's a push-and-pull were we're giving them stuff to react to. So they react to Austin it's back and forth so when you're when you're standing in the ring you keep I keep bullet points in my head. I don't script script anything I did. I've never scripted a promo I refused to script almost but I will go a few bullet points in my head to go. This is where I gotta go. How you gotta get there? This is what they want me to put over. This is what I'm GonNa do and as long as you're you're able to hit your Mark Stan where you need to stand speak with the inflection. intone the command the audience as long as you know who you're working again so if it's a JC don or a TJ Marconi or a you know an anthony. Dan Gone don't you. Can you know the character you know enough about them to where you could pull it and get the reaction. Sometimes you just need the audience to hate you and it doesn't matter Saturday coming out of the curtain. The face you they could be. They could be anybody as soon as they come in there. Kurt it's your job to make the audience. Low what that babyfaced eighty face to beat the ever loving out of you or or your guy they want you to get to lose to have yourself completely shit in front of everybody because all you did was them at fault that guy that's coming out of the cartons it's funny because you know. What would you lead me to? Also what the the SAPIRO Personality was also comedic in which is is something I want to ask you what you think about comedic wrestling but since we talked about comedy as twelve I had eight cannon from He was on US Sirius. XM had James Madison on the show Comedians. Who who were here and and it's funny? How comedy comedy and wrestling together? Because they're huge wrestling fans and I always question them on how they work both into their careers because one way or another for for instance James Madison I. I met him at a at a at a at a comedy club and one of his references on his act was that he called on re in a in the audience Jay Lethal and I just died and I was like the only person in the audience who laughed because I knew the reference and he pointed at me he says I like this guy over here. I'll fuck him for tonight but But what's your thoughts on. What like how comedic wrestling gets over? Because you know there's always this debate about the Orange Cassidy's the CO cabanas or even. If you look at the Santino morale is what's your thought about comedic messing such it. There are many flavors of ice cream and there are many different fans out what I might like in pro wrestling. You might. You may not like what I you know it. As long as it's drawing a house only people wanna come see it and as long as people invest emotionally in it and no one's getting hurt them sign but do why like some of the comedic stuff. No but that's just more of a taste issue like we can argue taste versus commerce all night long we talk about how jeff dumb the biggest draw comedian in the world old and I think he's a hack and there might be people who think that the style of wrestling that I enjoy the style of wrestling. I produce is are archaic or against what they anyway. That's pro wrestling pro wrestling. Always been a dichotomy aside when you look at the territory's this when you look at what the original capitol wrestling or ww have you WF WWF. Did it was based on cultural ideology based on larger than life athletes and it was based on those different kinds of stories Pedro Martinez eighteen point. Pedro Morales Bruno. Sammartino superstar Billy Graham. You had different cultural identities doubled on top with these larger than life characters when you work. Further in the south it was all based on work rate or television characters and it was different ways to get you into building Jerry. The King lawler couldn't work in New York City because Jerry the king lawler was barely six foot tall but in Memphis Tennessee. Jerry lawler was a god because he was from Memphis identified with those people and he was someone who's able to navigate narrow such story to make you believe in whether he was a baby face or heel and that kind of each Marty each audience each market is different. And we're all marketing thing general audience but there were so many different niches within that the same thing within comedies. Same thing within film the going going back to the Martin Scorsese are about his dislike of the marble fill. They draw the box office then. Raging bull did but that doesn't make it a better film. Martin Scorsese we're saying it's art commerce and that's always how it's going to be in any artistic or sports endeavor is because you excuse me you come. You're you're young man. You're you're probably maybe like ten twelve years younger than me. Shit I'm GONNA faulk Do you come off as an old soul. How were you able to get The the the older the older stuff or even learn about how the oldest stuff from years past I understand that the U2 who I remember listening to talking about how you to was a great tool for him because he was able to go to the Roddy Piper kind of promos rose and he looked at Other men in that Jonrowe who were able to influence them that way. How are you able to gravitate because I remember having a conversation with homicide homicide tonight about the same age we came up in the same neighborhood and we were able to watch? NWEA AND WW on UHF channel way in deep at the sixty eighth and stuff and we were able to watch these shows. How are you able to study? The the the the days gone by wrestling the same thing as a dead head or any kid from Internet generation. You you've had these websites you had four. You would be able to read about stuff you'd be able to watch these taste at one time I had VHS collection of stuff. I recorded about two hundred and fifty eight takes a deep and you just learn and you will just find these defend dude. Here's I think on commentary. You'd hear references Stephen and Bockel Steven Patterson or the or Jim Crockett promotions you watched WCW. Oh you stuff. And then they would make allegory dimensions to it. Like tully Blanchard or an interesting and you'd be able to find this stuff and kind of go back and right around when I was eleven. Eleven or twelve four renting PWG SWAT all. These websites started coming around. And I must like many other. People of my generation started finding finding wrestling that way. That's how I used to watch mid Atlantic. That's how I learned about Georgia. All these different territories and a lot of the older stuff and then youtube became a thing. And there's such gotcha great archive on YouTube old territorial. There's a guy out there Christie let it is twitter. He is twitter name. He's putting putting up thing the southeastern wrestling from Tennessee from Knoxville There was this old territory wrestling from Chattanooga which was the impetus for the creation of capitol wrestling. It's like you find these different things and the Internet has been so so good so so terrible for pro wrestling all the same time and I'm just really. We've fortunate that I was able to kind of find things and do the diving. Not Voshel life up allows twenty three so that also it's Kinda it's Kinda scary but it's also aw gift at the same time because of how much accessibility we have these days. You know back back then. Okay boomer. We had Tape trading reading and stuff like that and It was one of those those kind of underground kind of things especially from my my neighborhood. I grew up in the projects and me being a wrestling fan and be a real legit fan that I would have to go through. That was really really like one of those things that people are looking at you sideways..

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