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Guns off the street we need gun control legislation our police officers should not have to deal with all these firearms I I think I heard the mayor say that I think I might I heard the chief of police say that and in my reaction when I heard that was respectfully Mister mayor no excuse me Mister mayor pay attention the guy behind this the criminal behind this had already broken violated every gun law on the books multiple multiple times sure this this was in an issue is an issue of have another gun law on the books do you get that in in those of you again trying to have a reasonable dialogue here those of you out there who believe we need a lot more gun control do you understand how more gun control wouldn't impact the guy who did what he did yesterday wouldn't matter you could throw down twenty or thirty more gun laws on this guy he's already violated every single gun law hill violate every every other when you throw at I mean this guy's criminal record he's thirty six years old this criminal record goes back to the year two thousand multiple charges of burglary aggravated assault resisting arrest multiple charges of federal weapons convictions multiple times he broke gun laws that's not the argument for gun control in fact follow me Mister mayor and everybody else I mean he's complaining about guns so we got to get guns off the streets let's say you have fifty gun laws in Philly federal state and local gun laws impacting everybody in Philly in here you got a criminal whose violated all fifty those laws his whole life and you got legal law abiding gun owners who follow of loss and so now you're going to pass gun laws fifty one two and three well can't you see that those new gun laws you pass laws fifty one fifty two and fifty three they're not gonna do anything about the people like this guy they picked up violated the first fifty they they they're criminals by definition they break the law they are criminals right so people like that they don't care if you've got ten long gun laws on the books are a hundred doesn't matter to them they don't even look at that they don't even care you see that do you see that all of you might make good decent genuine sincere gun control listeners right now it doesn't matter all the gun control under the sun in Philly doesn't matter these guys are criminals this guy was a criminal hillock nor the loss I think you see that and then really all you're doing Philly is if you want more gun control legislation like you what new gun laws fifty one fifty two fifty three well all you can do is make it harder for the law abiding gun owner that's all because they follow the gun laws sure you can make it harder for them more cumbersome for them more difficult for them to defend themselves and their families because again follow me by definition law abiding gun owners are not criminals show it does matter to them whether there are ten gun laws on the books or a hundred they're going to follow the gun laws they're law abiding Americans the folly of gun control I get it it happened in Philadelphia yesterday was a big deal about a what a six hour shoot out stand off six cop shot I just stop in and the mayor of Philly I don't know when mayor Phillies a Democrat I don't know when he comes out yeah he's got to be pretty upset but right away out of the gate right away out of the chute he's he's calling for gun control laws when the the the case right in front of him the thing that happened in the hours in front of him argued against more gun control but again as we've said so often when it comes to guns for so many people the facts in the data and the research the information.

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