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A and you had your final is the culmination of the bayern science festival every year and past couple years has culminated in a massive event a how to go to a teensy park yeah we do a big hands on day at att park where all the universities and science mediums come together to host a free day where you get to interact with scientists and do activities it was great latter item oh yeah i was one of the thirty low and jeremy and peterffy up and i was amazed you don't pay to get into the park this doesn't happen it was amazing you shouldn't have to pay for science it's fantastic i guess showed up and i got through security and then i am who's that i was floored like i was able to walk out onto the baseball diamond that's the thing that's the thing that i think surprised people 'cause you know like a for example a comecon sometimes companies rent petco park which is said egos ballpark for the padres and but really they don't use the feel the use the mezzanine area where the concessions are at t park you actually have tents and events on the fuel do people go just to say they go on the field and run around and throw baseball's sure but what we do is we put a telescope between second and third base so they have to stop and look at the sun and it's like it's like you can run the bases where you're going to learn a horrible i and yourself in a in a non gets minded there was great while thirty thousand people congratulations it's fantastic it's awesome seventy redo it and i think it works partially because we do it in a nontraditional science location so just like you said some people are baseball fans a come out and tough luck they look around aphorism bases on their surrounded by science gotta learn now dude also has a camera crew following him around that projects him live up onto the banks are wireless yes system yes so throughout every halfhour i was doing hits to the scoreboard where i would show up and beyond audio throughout the ballpark lake showing off exhibits i definitely do not have a career in that.

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