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Very remember the last time we've lost Houston. And then you know, who knows what could happen in in in the chiefs, whoever they play Sidano. Are you impressed by the chiefs defense, you'll take the patriots could run on the chiefs. Now, not at all they played them. Renting, it did all that. But I would say, and I'm trying to look for positives. But I would say especially in the AFC, I would only count out. I think the titans if they made it to the playoffs. I think any other team could make it to the Super Bowl from the right? Who only I would. I would agree with that. Because the titans the QB thing is just two days. Right, right. I I personally would have a hard time. Believing Baltimore's actually gonna win three straight playoff games. Make the Super Bowl the rookie QB. I sent you ravens. Just texted raven saints twenty to one odds before the games today was nice. You didn't even care to respond. You don't even you don't like that. Well, because I thought the saints by lose once it shaped up that that was a doer Di game for Pittsburgh. I thought first of all I was really proud of myself. I stayed away from that game. And I stayed away from the Seahawks game. I just felt like those were kind of coin flip be, but but I just thought I felt like the Steelers although that they'll throw the kitchen sink at the saints in probably win, and they threw the kitchen sink Rothlisberger played about as well as he could play. And they couldn't get it done. I and the fake punt at midfield is going to live in infamy. If they don't make the playoffs which they're probably not gonna make the playoffs. But hold it. If that was my team, I that's all I would talk about for the entire holidays. People would be running for me at the Christmas table the fake punt. Yeah. Well, especially when you and I tweeted, I don't wanna recount tweets from all day. But, but you know, you seventeen all pros on that team. Like, you could have gone Schuster Antonio Brown. Jaylen Samuels the whole fourth quarter. Just just alternate. Who you're getting it to forget Ridley, you know. And I know Schuster fumbled at the end. But that would have been the that would have been the recipe to win that game. And sir. I swear to God. I think the pack thought it was fourth into. I thought he I think he thought it was fourth until when he took that ball the way celebrated after four game. It's it's not hard. Just look to the other side of the field to see those aren't little bags on the field. That's the way you have to get for I down. But what went on there? I thought it was off. And it was a typical terrible Pittsburgh loss that you come out of the game. You know, they man if we didn't do this. So we didn't make this dump play foot in. And then we, you know, a yet another game where they kind of felt like they gave it away. 'cause I thought they were probably the better team breeze. Made some great plays. I thought this was an unusually good week sixteen. And I think the biggest reason was the quarterbacks all showed up for the most part, right? Yeah. Behoves and Wilson were both terrific..

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