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Seven fifty one or go to balance of nature dot com and use discount code Detroit the John McCullough show is brought to you in part by cruise hearing aid services my friends I want to thank you for jumping in here at the last minute and providing us with some some really good Christmas news here on the patriot FM one a one point five and A. M. fourteen hundred the patriot it's been a busy commercial break yeah you know that in the in the meantime all that's been going on what people called wanna thank them real quick thank you Chris for in west Bloomfield a hundred dollar one time give sherry in Berkeley a fifty six dollar one time give Pam in Warren fifty dollar one time get that leaves us with eighteen only eighteen ultrasounds laughed to provide in the next eight minutes eighteen in eight minutes that that's a total of five hundred four dollars so maybe somebody wants to do all that are part of that five hundred four dollars every twenty eight dollars provides an ultrasound ten can be provided for two hundred and eighty dollars a hundred forty dollars can provide five and you're the whole eighteen that would be a five hundred forty interesting nothing about that number eighteen John is I've told you before that was on the re others DC I was on the radio and the somebody said they counted up their their their kids and their grandkids and they're great grand kids and that number they total to was eighteen he said I want to do this for eighteen babies a teen mothers to be so if you wanted to do that the camera moves up he said you know that's that's real close to my number five hundred four dollars would provide that for eighteen ultrasound that would get us this half hour to fifty ultrasounds it's our last day so we're providing ultrasound because ultrasounds save lives a girl or woman who sees that ultrasound is much more likely to choose life do have time to play one more story or we sure let's do that real quick I want to give you one more chance to hear this lean in if you just gave what you hear the impact you gonna have but if you haven't given yet I want you to call the number now eight three three eight five zero two two two nine were five hundred four dollars away from providing fifty ultrasounds in this half hour eight three three eight.

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