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Guys coming apart at the seams on this cover seasonal different group so for me take all that these three critical guys who have had their various struggles in the post season and i worry and wonder if there are forget the task for the postseason that really up to the task of going against one of the greatest team leave ever seen i think those are really valid concerns but i will say this i ask for dm tony adjusting he's adjusted this season already this team place slower employees armour isolation ball of them might be antonis teams in the past have certainly the vis you know the the much for loves this you know seven seconds or less son seems that and part of that is him recognizing now that james harden is probably the best isolation player in the nba right now if not won't be you know five seven best of all time like i he's up i don't know if i want to him with jordan and um what's that guy iverson he was pretty good and there's some others out there but i mean he's a tremendous isolation pick and roll player i think they've adjusted somewhat to who they have in personnel what's is something mike d'antoni doesn't do you're right he doesn't you terribly well certainly didn't do well in los angeles but part of that is you know that that roster was such a disasterous choice right um i think hardness hit the wall because he carried too much going into the playoffs and i think that's a legitimate question for these team they really want that one seat and james harden really wants that mvp which he it what you see this to lose at this point but he's probably you know he's gonna try to secure it at what point if they put up too much to like how much energy are they going to extend to make sure they get those things all the warriors get resting healing here on cbs sports radio.

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