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From New York City and around the world here's Michael Barr Tom Kaley John Moore Americans can get an extra dose of a COVID vaccine a month after recommending boosters for some who got the Pfizer's shots now the CDC is recommending Moderna and Johnson & Johnson boosters for certain groups as well as mixing and matching vaccines CDC director doctor Rochelle Walensky spoke to ABC News this morning There may be people who have a preference for whatever reason to get something else We would encourage them to discuss it with their physician or pharmacist to come to the CDC website And that option is there too And then finally if the vaccine you originally got is not available to you for whatever reason The pharmacy you're visiting doesn't have it that day It is just fine to get a different one as well Doctor walensky says coming in the next few weeks could be a decision on a COVID vaccine for kids ages 5 to 11 The State Department says video of the Haitian gang leader behind the kidnapping of an American missionaries appears to be legitimate In the video the gang leader threatens to kill the hostages if his demands aren't met He wants $17 million for the 17 captives Western showalter is with Ohio Christian aid ministries who is the mission who the missionaries work for he is holding out hope These families are from Amish and Mennonite and other conservative anabaptist communities in Wisconsin Ohio Michigan Tennessee Pennsylvania Oregon and Ontario Canada Western showalter with Ohio Christian aid ministries investigators are still combing through a Florida swamp looking for more evidence after the discovery of human remains now confirmed to be those of Brian laundry the only person of interest in the murder of Gabby potato the FBI used dental records to confirm the remains found Wednesday in Florida's Carlton nature reserve our laundries Live from the.

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