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Welcome aboard. So glad to have you. We hope you enjoy all the goodies and everything and we begin with don't drop that Derk Dirk. Okay. Governor Evers or is it ever? I don't know. Am I supposed to pronounce it two different ways? Verse maybe verse? Or is it I maybe ever maybe I was supposed to pronounce it two different ways for that to be my colleague, just farted. What's the weird names is we, but okay, you pledge to get whatever David Andrew, Andrew conus basic sandwich. I could I could go for basic sandwich right about now. John Resendiz Jason Bakker sinking putts and Lincoln. What is with you guys this week? Okay. I get stuck with all these years better be fun to Boris Orico and pleased operating patriot names, I signed up to patron just to say that. Okay. Well, not all right. All right. Your thank you to greetings from Maryland's third district, the most gerrymandered district, and it's a pretty it's a pretty gerrymandered on Cornell skyer 's moist Ariaca, Liz venom this timeline is the best time line because it is a satire of the other times. That's gonna be on philosophers and space because that's a great one Alan Kerr, Matthew Howell, Bahadur and David McDonald. So I didn't get quite as many good ones as you. But I got two good ones. Yeah. What the what the heck? All right. And you know, speaking of Maryland's their district must gerrymander district. I just had a realize ation, and I want you kinda on this. I think Democrats should try to gerrymanders hard as we possibly can and for and you might say, oh, but isn't that make us just as bad? Well, maybe except that. I just thinking that's the only way that anything's ever going to be done about it. Because right, now, Republicans are massively benefiting. So if we say, hey, no fair. Let's stop this. They'll be like, nah. But if we just do we we have to just try to gerrymander even worse. And then they'll be okay. Okay. Okay. I we see there was a problem. Yes. Okay. And then it will get fixed. What do you think? So I wanna do a full episode on this on the. I have now been thrive alluded to the constitutional hardball law review article, and I've looked at some of the underlying research, and I I have complex thoughts. But I will tell you that I will save. All right. Well, then there we go. Yeah. Saved. That'll be a teaser for later show. Okay. Just gonna throw it at you to get a quick reaction by like, it's a nice tonight's teaser episode. So don't take jerem do take gerrymandering advice from me, but we'll see maybe Andria has some different area. Mattering advice? All right Thomas. Lot of people played in this week's non t t t t t t b question. I think the best submitted question came from haymaker that is at H E M A K E R on Twitter, and everyone should give heya follow. And check out the tree law question, but the best actual submission and winner for this week goes to Bruce Robinson who says TT's space law. If we can't have space law, then let's hear a sexy contract law question. So, Bruce, we're gonna give you what you ask for either a space law or sexy contract law question, and everyone give at Bruce j six twenty a follow on Twitter that is at B R U C J six two zero and congratulations for being this winter. All right. Well, that's our show. We future Andrew maybe can pop in and tell us what kind of bar exam question. I'm getting on Friday. I don't or not we'll say, but that was the in place of the t t t be this week. So I've had a I've had some time to recover and I'm going to get my head back in the game. For for Friday answer question. I'm realizing one hundred was a big landmark, and I wanted to be, you know, wanna be sixty four hundred. But if I go four for five, then I'll be sixty three for one hundred five which is also right? Isn't that? Also, sixty percent, whatever. Yeah. That's all sixty percent. So we'll if I can do that four out of five that's impossible. Thanks for listening. Everyone. Great show. Andrew has always you gave us some ups and downs. But ended on a nice positive note. And we will see you folks for rapid response you then..

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