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I would never come home alive. Right. Jimmy never asked me to kill anyone before. And that's when he knew that he wasn't coming back. Yeah. So and then at the end of the film, you get this incredible. This incredible thing it was shocking. When I saw the first time, they break the fourth wall. When he's on the stand at the very end of the film, and the everyone's in the courtroom, and he's just literally pointed his finger at paulie. And at deniro, you know, and and basically condemned them. Yeah. And then he stands up and breaks the fourth wall. And does this direct address to the camera, and you've had this beautiful narration to the whole film? But now it's directly at the camera coming from rail yoting says, and then it was all over. Yeah. Right. Now, I'm just a regular schmuck. And he's living in some tract house. Yeah, he's on the witness protection. I went for I went for marinara oven for spaghetti marinara. I got egg noodles and catch him. Now. I'm just a regular sh- nook threat. He just picks up a newspaper is in his pajamas off that he masterpiece it's one of the greatest films full-time, and yet it's an incredible gangsta crime moose. That's why I say, it's really like three film. Yeah. Because it's got those three distinct chapters. I love them in. I was doing a little research on it. And it said the headline of the, you know, the sometimes you get these terrible terrible trailers that don't really match the film at all. Right. Because the trailers me just to sell the film, right? Yeah. And the trailers like the voice of God, you know, that guy what in the world. Oh, yeah. Mixed with high society that wasn't actually what he said. But you know, the the end of the goodfellas, and then there was a thing underneath it said three generations of gangster something like, and I was like, I'm. Onto something. That's awesome part of the tagline. So that's my number one. That's okay. And I mean goodfellas come on deserves older kudos and all the time. All right. I got a few more hair. We're gonna roll through this. This is another hidden gem to me. I don't know if you've seen that came out in like nineteen Ninety-one, Sean Penn. Gary Oldman incredible in this Ed Harris, Robin Wright Penn this has been she met when Pence cooled state of grace you seen this movie not in a long love this movie. It's it's about cops and robbers Sean Penn is an undercover cop who goes back to his hometown. And it's like again, it's like Philly or Boston thing, and he gets made in this mug with Gary Oldman, and at Harris's his brother and add Harris, the the cool calm collected mob Boston Gary Oldman his bat shit. Crazy. This is like young frenetic. Gary Oldman, like true romance. Yeah. You know, this look like white boy day, you know, that kind of Gary Oldman, I love. This movie so good of very violent such a hidden gem, great mob crime movies to see that. Check on our sure great choice. I had a couple of didn't quite fit that were my like eleven A and B movies. I went ahead. And it's to roll through catch me if you can and midnight run, I love midnight run. I love catch me. So catch me if I can I guess so flimflam it's kind of like a on the border. I yeah. That's why rights like, right? But it's not like a cone movie is con. I love what you. But you're right. We'll kind of fly through it because we talked about these too much midnight run so underrated Disney row, and whose children that's like a buddy movie buddy road film. And he's a what do you call them? Not a man hunter a bounty hunter. He's a bounty hunter did arrow is try counting for the mob. But Dennis Farina is a mob. It's mob. You're totally right midnight run phantasm screenplay of midnight run. If you study it is perfect. Yeah. The structure of that. Film is perfect. I love that movie. So I'm glad you did that one. Okay. I'm going to do a few more his women. Do I'm gonna do two of the topic two of the time. Baby. Driver facing Spacey film. I love I loved it..

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