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Rough. Stay rough because that's my job. You you go home after these races and your ankle per your feet your knees hurt because so much you have to put so much more traction compound on the racetrack to make the radial tire go down and it completely different than wig because the slick wants to kind of get a little bit a wheel speed and then drive off. So you don't have to use much product. Whereas on radio, it has to just stick tire and then go 'cause ever spend. It loses traction in the ratings over for for that driver. that's a hard concept for a lot of people to pick up and a lot of people struggle with But. It takes a lot of tractor time and a lot of traction compounds and do that. So we try to set our classes where we're not on the racetrack is often and other races, and then we're we're actually trying to put cars under racetrack as quick as we can run a solid program and all of that. But. Really just the relate ability is really fun. The drivers are awesome that that drive these cars they'll they'll pick up your look your kids and let them sit in the cars and you know they they love it but it. I have a buddy of mine that races and he? One of the best in the country in his particular category and. Most kids and parents are. Scared to go up and and talk to people or or Hey, can can my son or daughter sitting your car and you know stuff like that? Him He's like man it makes me mad when people walk by you don't want to say something but they won't say anything. So, so he's really good with with people in a lot of these drivers are like that they they love the fan interaction they love seeing kids smiling and happy and. A lot of I mean I'll bet you half of the the crews have t shirts that they sell and stuff like that and they'll give away half of them. That they don't care I it all in fun and getting the theater kids smile getting. A teenager come out here that just got out of high school or in college and. To, see these cars and think and think man I'd like to do this one day or or just getting to have a good time and then they walk out of here with a free t shirt just because of the racer gave them. And that what kind of people that discount rate has and performances will be second to none. You'll never see another show like this in this area until we bring it back week well, the comp cams.

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