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Of a fire and brimstone theocrat and child molester rui tick sierra a senior fellow at the centre american progress and author of a new book the optimistic leftist why the 21st century we'd better than you think joins us to discuss the beginning of what he sees as a revival of the american left galvanizing opposition to trump and mobilized to vote for change then finally we'll speak with mock sand allow the editor in chief of the california new service who spent twenty one years with the san francisco chronicle including eleven years as the papers washington bureau chief we'll analyse whether the punishment of california in the republican tax bill and the double standard of relief for harken victims in florida and texas but not for five victims in california will back fire on california's republican delegation in the 2018 election since eleven of the fourteen voted for the tax bill and joining us now jennifer michio who's a professor in the department of communications at texas and immune investi when she teaches courses on political communication and presidential rhetoric and historian of american political discourse especially discourses about citizenship democracy and the presidency she is the author of founding fictions and the coeditor of the rhetoric of heroic expectations establishing the obama presidency and she's finishing a third book about donald trump's presidential campaign and demagoguery welcomed a background briefing jennifer murcia acm apart and jennifer we've certainly got some grist for the mill hooves chuck about presidential rhetoric i have absolutely astounded by the editorial in usa today which is a pretty centrist newspaper i think it's the biggest cirque like a newspaper in the united states i'd never seen any newspaper let alone one that's not necessarily on the left at all the for that matter come out with such searing denunciation of this president padded its strike you currently it would read sort of odd actually it's a barn burner uh and i think it is out of character for them i think of them as sort of like you say centrists there at all the hotels you know it's sort of the the paper record for the business community in that way um and.

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