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We love them a lot because they shared last week's episode. If you want to hear your name right at the top of the show. It's an honorable and prestigious thing. We know it could be you. All you gotta do is just that. You'll hear your name read right here at the top of the show next week. Yes we are part of pantheon podcasts. It's a great big thing it's awesome. It's like if you took and just gathered up all the best music podcasts and put them under one awesome umbrella. That would be pantheon. Podcasts so if you or anybody else you know are looking for. Great music related. Podcasts as your one stop shop baby. Get on over to pantheon. Checkout their roster. I know you're gonna find something you're gonna love. It's just the best and that's why we're there right. Yeah wouldn't be any good if we weren't there so we're all in it together checkout pantheon and now after all that got something cool for you today. Yeah this was an interview the you know and this is how it works sometimes with us as you know it all starts with us being kissed nerd so it's not really a kiss related interview but there's plenty a kiss stories in this I found this crazy interview from nineteen ninety. Eric carded promoting hot in the shade on this very small college station out in new york and in the interview. There's this guy with this thick new york accent in the background that was the label rep and his name gets mentioned during the interview and at the interviews. Kind of a trainwreck. And i was just like. I wonder what that guy thinks of this interview and then i i looked him up and i found him and then it turns out his. Name's munsey ricci. And he's the head of skateboard marketing and he's been like a radio pitch man for record labels for like what thirty plus years now and and And i saw a facebook friend at him. And i was like what do you remember about this and then i mentioned i was like..

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