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Now. I see why I'm working now I see. Hey I can have. Most people work here husband wife. Hey I'm would work here with my wife you know and it's like we know what we're doing nobody's working. Hey we're working six eight. They can go to their family. You know we're all working together as a team and they still have their lives you know. Nobody's working twenty hours a day seven days a week and then see now. You said I think they appreciate it as much as we do. You think that cultural heritage is often misunderstood like when people are talking about labor issues and work and stuff I believe so I I honestly believe. There's people still don't understand K you know. Those guys are just working. These WANNA job but like I said. I don't think they've ever fed the information they were able to feed them now. So yeah I still believe. They're still they're still might be. Hey confusion like why? Do you guys have your employees involved. Why are you taking your timing with them? You just have it your way. And that's it and I don't think that's how that makes there is between our quality quantity you know. What's the key? What's the secret to managing people and I believe communication you know? I was lucky to get new half as we call your manager this year. I connected with him easily and like he's became a really good friend to me but that communication is the same thing you know. I've had a conversation with him that he's worked with employees for ten years a heat see once a month he'd get list and he'd seen once a month and you know. I'm out there involved asking him questions and I'm not out there telling them. Hey I need this done. Most of the time. He knows what he's doing. He's done this for you know ten twelve years but it's like hey you know just because. I'm not here all the time like I wanNA know how this is happening and managing is something that I'm still learning till this day and I try to read and I try to see how people do that but I only say believe. It's just it just takes that experience in that time the get those communications with people and I honestly believe I've gotten really good at it but like I said I still want to experience and you know I don't know if it's just a friendship that's made it easier but I believe it was like communication and people like you said I see how going back to like my family seen you know. Maybe they didn't know anything. Maybe he was working. You know twenty four seven. He didn't even know who is working for. And you know now. I see these guys in Hispanic culture. They want to work anyways. But you know so. He's going to work. He's GonNa work work but if he knows working for somebody that appreciates that and he knows what he's working for. I believe it just makes it easier for everybody. So being in that management position being able to do that honesty makes that makes ideas. What makes my job easier? I come to work in managing but you know I'm having a conversation about life and work at the same time and we're both getting things done. We're all getting things done. What's it like to know that you're out there growing food for people to eat or drink? I've gotten lucky train wine. I've tried really good wines. Came from these vineyards that we grow for. But it's just amazing high. See like hey all this lieber all his time these harvest hours. It's amazing what you can do with the great. It's amazing how in my eyes is now comparing the groups that I go to another wine and so i. I don't know how winds made exactly like there's something. I'm still wanting to learn but trying wine side-by-side now. Hey you grew this and so when you grew this or trying wines there you know from right next door to my stuff and it's like what's the difference like your twenty feet away from me. That's even seen those goals you know. I honestly wish I could show all the guys at work. I tried his wines. You guys your guys. Labor went into this. Because you know. I don't think you write all that on a wine bottle and you know a lot of people. Don't see that I've seen you know. There is some wineries now. Do you know take photos of our workers take them pictures and you know. They have that in their winery. As you know you're trying wine amateur people notice but I'm sure you know one out of ten people see it and it has to get noticed that one person goes until deals. Hey he feels photos or did you see that wind. We came from this vineyard. You know it's amazing like it's amazing to know I grew that and it was made into that honestly as an lesser now like last year was one of the biggest accomplishment having winemakers come and say this some of the best. I've had ten years. You know I have to pat myself on the back for those things. It's like there's no way even buying grapes. For Ten years in your. Tell me this best. You've had two years in a row like that's a compliment for me but I says compliment for all of us you know and if I can ride it on the board and put it out there those guys like I'm sure they love it you know like hey you guys these appreciate everything you're doing and like. I said I'm sure that just has to make somebody happy. I've made me feel that way. I'm sure the guys would love it. You know you have a daughter you said you have any more kids than I have two daughters seven and eight still. I don't know where they're going to go to too young for me to decide yet. Yeah but they're both crazy open-minded like I am so I can't complain a single data right now. So you know. That's fun like I said. I have a fulltime managing job and still be a full-time dad. So that keeps me on my toes. I'm really I'm really UNIM- always pushing myself more like you mentioned earlier. I'm at the gym at three in the morning. You know people say you're crazy people say you don't sleep as I just made it a routine. I love to compare things Jim. That's the reason. Why go the gym? So much you know lifting weights Pushing myself you know two different things that I haven't done lived heavyweight that I haven't before same with work. I see most of the time you know. I compare that to work. It's like I'll try something I haven't tried. You know nine hour days not really in different than six day Computer regularly really different than you know. Standing out in the field. It's just that minding and I I don't know if maturity. I don't think I've used that word before. But maybe it is I became more mature. Like okay you know. I Have Goals I. Have you know a future here? So why not use it? I became really big on like I said just time. Wise in me's in my time for something that's worth it. I like. I said my daughter's the same way like the real young still. Can't you know I don't know where they're going yet? But you know they have opportunities for everything. They want to try something they tried. So that's GonNa be the fun part raising them I guess. How do you manage being a single dad and doing all the work that you do here and just life honestly I have no idea? I've gone that question a lot but I honestly feel like I'm killing it like I said this year or is like February third actually made it a year every day going to gym three in the morning. You know an Andrew is like. Wow you did it you know. He's like during harvesting or Guitar Day. That was three morning at the gym. And I said I just like to push myself. I'm still young so I could be wasting money. I could be but it's like if I push myself and said these goals for myself it's like why not Even now like how you said I feel like I'm busy. I'm managing a business. I'm still learning so I can't say I have it on stress. Free Two little girls. There's no way that's not stressful. But even now like I'm pushing myself to partner up to open up a gym There's too much on your plate but it's like you know who else is GonNa do. Nobody and that's why I put into my head is like there's opportunities out there for everybody so if I were help somebody with that. If it's my workers a friend myself to learn even if I felt like I think what's motivated me. The most is that as younger aged through eighteen hours overeat overweight quiet kid. That's what I was. I was overweight quite kid so when I seen ahead opportunities and now jumping here like I made a huge step from working. You know Forty forty hour week job for two or three years to jumped into position. Now is a huge step. Agnes already taken advantage of like. I'm not gonNA waste time anymore. Then he stuff. You have two little girls that I can't say I'm bored with. There's no exam. Boarded seventy eight year old. Yeah a management position. I can't say I'm bored Like I said whether wise water wise harvest wise. I can't say I'm bored. I can't say no what's going to happen tomorrow. Same with the gym. It's like I'm not perfect so why not push myself. So that's what kept me like I said I don't know it's it's I. I'm like I said I've ever used maturity like I don't know if that's changed or not but I know I'm doing something good. I know I'm doing something. That's keeping me motivated. I sort of people. Now tell me. Hey how are you doing? How are we doing? And I'm like I just get my ass up I have. I just get my ass up and you you have the chance. He I WANNA do that. Okay you know show but three in the morning. I'm tuned charge charge me. Nothing show because like it's it's sad but it's like give those people opportunities and if you get one out of ten to do like that makes you feel better than charging somebody. Hey I'm going to thirty two hundred bucks this so that's where I'm at now. I feel like I've had a huge opportunity so I'm trying to give back to everybody else. Everybody's around Me Andrews. Thirty eight thirty seven so about ten years looming and you know he says you're in a position that I was never at that age. That's why I put my hands like I have no time to waste. No more like why not. Just put my head down and keep running and you meet losing weight. That was a huge thing. I believe I doubted myself a lot before. But it's like now I put my head down run for it and it's like nobody stopping me. You know if anybody stops it's going to be myself was the key to losing weight. Was it the working out or changing your diet or thing. I just wanted to change. I said I was tired of I was just tired of it. I used to run in. Run in. Run is to run some times. Where at my mom? Hey I'm not gonNA make it back you know and it's like now. I've gotten smarter like I said working out lies a year working out doing programs helping a buddy build programs. You know having him asking now. Hey It's partnership and opened another gym like you know. I know I'm doing something right and I believe that's where people that's what puts me out from everybody else and I know Anderson that is like I'm willing to go for it. I'm willing to try and I'll do over and over and over any some people will be like. Oh I didn't see this happen as soon as I. It's GonNa Happen as time that if you don't try anyways time it's not going to happen touched it. I can't tell myself right now. Hey I'M GONNA MESS UP. I'm GonNa feel like you know I'm sitting here. I've never done this before. They've makes me nervous but it's like. Hey you know I do these. The whole podcast there. I've never done it. I've never spoken on a microphone. Never you know so I do it once you know. Hopefully Caesar next time. And hopefully there's an X. time and I don't see why there isn't an answer could there's an opportunity talk about your tattoos. You got a lot of them too. Many of them Same thing I'm not sure. I GOT TATTOOS. I have owned. My arm is family Daughters nephews sisters I don't know I got tattoos. I just I believe and I lost weight..

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