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Cosmetics aisle Saturday when another woman approached and started making threats then she grabbed the shopper by the hair and cut her throat with a box cutter other shoppers in store worker stop the attacker and held until police arrived the woman who was attacked was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries an ex USC student in the middle of the college admissions scandal kind of speaks out social media star and daughter of actress Lori Laughlin a livia J. G. R. Nelly has posted her first you two videos since the arrest of her parents in March she says she knows people have questions about the controversy I am legally not allowed to speak on anything going on right now she says she has debated whether or not to begin blogging again well if I can't talk about is point in coming back and not being able to say anything Olivia says it's time to move on with their life which you won't be talking about the scandal her parents have pleaded not guilty to paying to have their daughters falsely labeled as recruits to the U. S. C. crew team rob Newton KFI news fiery crash on the six so five in Norwalk has left a Mustang split in half the car was shredded last night when it crashed into the center divider the card been going south but a lot of the debris ended up on the northbound side one driver on that side reported your debris damaging her S. U. V. witnesses told the CHP the driver of the Mustang had been reckless the driver was taken to a trauma center an actress Shelley Morrison has died in Los Angeles Morrison had a fifty year acting career going back to the flying nun but she was probably best known for playing the maid Rosario on will and grace Morrison was eighty three let's take a look at your sol on the four oh five feet in cars and on the four oh five north of Wilmington had a stalled car here was in the left lane the freeway service patrol scooped it up and it is out of lanes down your drive though still kind of affected at the seven ten want to pass that scene it'll get a little better for yeah okay a find this guy's sponsored by injury attorney superwoman super lawyer dot com Jeff Boston clearing on the ninety one yep that's it well we have some throughput up going on here to add a whole bunch lane's block west bound on the ninety one your teacher freeway just before the seven ten Atlantic I must commend CH people are putting out a really nice flare pattern or even with the space what is the good news all eyes are open everybody.

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