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The voice of southern new england wpro and tara granahan one of the teachers are one of the member thought it but it was constructive to make a sign it said a as a likes nickel back i guess back was supposed to really hurt deuce was the hit the mayor right between the ice that's the sign that's a teacher come on weekdays nine till noon after gene velez anti and before matt allen bond wpro i'm john batchelor this is the john batchelor show xi jinping the president for life of the people's republic shine meaning that he's the head of the communist party and that the communist party has no succession plan this is a break in the fifth generation since the revolution of what we were told was the peaceful rise of aarp trade competitor china this is a break so much that i welcomed jed bhavan to think allowed what this means for china for asia for the united states and for the twentyfirst century jet a very good evening to you right in the washington times that xi jinping has now committed himself to the maoist road what does that mean maui is a figure from the 20th century a bloated an bloodyminded dictator she on that road does that mean were headed toward that kind of violence how how will it interpreted self in a world of global trade good evening to you longer eager to you john i think of the world of trade it certainly going to be dealt out in terms of chinese growing dominance growing economic influence everywhere from europe to south america to pakistan we're seeing that right now they're trying to pakistan economic carter they're building billions of dollars worth of railroads and frankly a big naval base in pakistan and quite frankly uh getting to dominate the country's politics they're trying to by the government in greece of course that's kind of a bargain these days but that the risk of being serious there influencing the decisionmaking powers in all of the european union right now so their economic powers being used much more bowl lee and that the most exciting the.

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