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Thing began after a car drove near crowd of protesters over the weekend, Chief Brian Manley says some people were beating on that Gar One man in particular, Though Garret Foster approached the driver's side window, a 47 in hand during the initial investigation of this incident, it appears that Mr Foster may Have pointing his weapon at the driver of this vehicle prior to being shot. Manley says The driver then opened fire on Foster, ultimately killing him. That driver who is said to have a license to carry concealed, did call 911 to report what happened. Patrick Osborne news radio cable BJ. Maybe the day Austin police released the body camera footage of the officer involved shooting death of Mike Ramos in April. It comes at a time when Austin's social fabric is already taking a beating. So, says Texas public policy foundations Kevin Roberts. He fears this could really Night Theater times violent protests this city has seen in recent months. And that's nothing that anyone regardless of where they are the political spectrum really off to wantto have. We ought to be able to have civil discourse about how to address the problems that Video shows Robert Spheres that will instead be used as another rallying post for defunding the police and further undermine public faith in local institutions. John Cooley News Radio K LBJ Republicans unveil a new stimulus proposal today. As expected, it will not get the support of Senator Ted Cruz, he tells CBS face the nation. The $600 a week in additional unemployment benefits created a problem in the economy. I've spoken to small business owners all over the state of Texas. We're trying to reopen. And they're calling their waiters and waitresses there other bus boys and they won't come back. And of course, they won't come back as the federal government is paying in some instant twice as much money to stay home. Instead, Senator Cruz supports lowering the payroll tax to give relief to working Americans and business owners. 70 for K LBJ. Here's Austin's on time traffic with Melinda Brandt. On 35. North bound. We're seeing a little bit of some slow traffic conditions between at some 13 27 about Onion Creek Parkway. Otherwise, the freeways are moving smoothly this morning. You're next reports at 7 15 I'm Melinda Brant.

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